53 Trader Joe’s Snacks We Could Polish Off in One Sitting

Our staff picks their all-time favorites.

May 31, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

Walking into Trader Joe’s can be an overwhelming experience. For so many reasons. First, there are all the charming, helpful employees with their breezy Hawaiian shirts and delightful smiles. And then there are all the the products: bags and boxes and containers of food that seems to extend for miles and miles and miles. The sheer amount of options is dizzying.

Because we’re creatures of habit, we tend to stick to what we know, that which brings us comfort. We’ve all got our favorites and that’s totally okay. But I was curious to know about—hungry for, if you will—everyone’s go-to Trader Joe’s purchases.

So I asked the staff, posed a simple question: What are your favorite Trader Joe’s snacks? Goodies you couldn’t live without? Munches you could devour a whole bag of in one sitting?

What I received in turn was a maelstrom of energy and answers. The Slack channel practically crashed from pure excitement. It seemed everyone had something to say, some snack to profess their love for. And so, I share with you all this list of favorites. They range the gamut from salty to sweet and back again.

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Top Comment:
“House staples we LOVE: Salted peanut butter pretzel bites Sea salt and turbinado sugar dusted dark chocolate almonds-crazy good so surprised no one listed this! Pimento cheese (in southern stores, at least I think they still carry-Northeast stores discontinued). Cheddar cheese with little kick of jalapeño and pimento. Really good. Rosemary and sea salt marcona almonds. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups (we keep in the container in the fridge for quick grabs) Frozen croissants especially thr chocolate—another one I’m surprised no one mentioned! These proof overnight and bake up to be crazy good, patisserie-like croissants. They are THAT good. Houseguests love, kids love. You’ll look like a rockstar in the morning! They also offer seasonal varieties around the holidays like Queen of Hearts, really good too. Olive oil popcorn. Mirepoix containers. For speed. Squarish focaccia rolls are great for sandwiches and mid size panini’s. Chocolate S’more bites. Taste sensation! Agree with all on cheese, crackers, interesting chips and salsa selection. Really good. I could go on and on! ”
— Nannette

I’ve edited and condensed the list for clarity and flow.

Rob Strype: Milk Chocolate–Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels, amazing!

Jackson Fust: SALTED PEANUT BUTTER PRETZELS… The unsalted are trash.

Photo by Trader Joe's

Jeremy Beker: Their Pita Crackers, and always the Unexpected Cheddar.

Joanna Sciarrino: Crispy, Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets. They're always near the line to pay and get me every time. I've come reallllly close to finishing a bag in one sitting. Also the wasabi almonds—they're just nose-tingly enough without blowing your head off.

Amanda Hesser: Merrill introduced me to their Peanut Butter Cups. Damn her!

Eric Kim: An entire jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter for dinner!

Photo by Trader Joe's

Sophie Corwin: Omg their Sweet & Spicy Pecans are everything… Also their Chocolate Cat Cookies dipped in coffee for dessert… Also any of their mini cookies… Basically all of Trader Joe’s.

Brinda Ayer: Zesty Nacho Kale Chips and their Popcorn in a Pickle. Or their Popcorn with Herbs and Spices.

Megan Güntaş: Does the Flax and Chia Seed Crunchy Peanut Butter count? I eat that literally every day. Oh!! The Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips are so addicting. They are so much better than the usual tortilla chip. Oh, also the Pistachio Pomegranate Crisps! Also, the Mediterranean Hummus is so yummy.

Erin Alexander: I don’t even like them that much, but I could eat a thousand of the Inner Peas Baked Peas and Happy Trekking Nut Mix!

Photo by Trader Joe's

Danielle Curtis-Williams: I buy 2 of the Chipotle Garlic Salsas at a time because I ran out once and it was a sad, sad day. Also their Bollywood Popcorn.

Eunice Choi: The Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls, Hold the Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones, dried mangos, veggie chips, mango gummies, and so much more.

Jackson Fust: Double Roasted Salsa deserves a shout out too.

Sophie Corwin: Cowboy Caviar, too!

Danielle Curtis-Williams: And the Green Goddess Salad Dressing is good on ANYTHING (salads and meat)!

Erin Alexander: I will forever love the Pistachio and Pomegranate Crisps. My mom always buys them during the holidays for dips, cheese spreads (they taste incredible with a goat cheese and a drizzle of honey), and of course, eating straight out of the box.

Hana Asbrink: The Sour Cream & Onion Corn Puffs!

Caroline Harris: Their Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chips Cookies are my downfall.

Sarah Yaffa: Their Bamba Peanut Snacks: the best snack for babies.

Photo by Trader Joe's

Lindsay-Jean Hard: Scandinavian Swimmers and all of their seasonal varieties (vegetarian-friendly gummies for the win!) and their berry and strawberry Soft Licorice Twists.

Erin Sanders: Peanut butter-filled pretzels, and the dark chocolate peanut butter, anything with peanut butter!

Eric Kim: I always stock up on roasted seaweed snack when I’m there.

Danielle Curtis-Williams: Chili and lime-flavored rolled corn tortilla chips for the win.

Eric Kim: OH, and I j'adore the green bean chips.

Annalee Leggett: Frozen mango!

Photo by Trader Joe's

Megan Guntas: Their Norwegian Crispbread Crackers with Trader Joe's almond butter.

Danielle Curtis-Williams: Oh! Their mozzarella with their balsamic glaze and a tomato and salt....a beautiful snack (add an avocado if you're feeling fancy).

Merrill Stubbs: I know Ryan Charles likes their unsweetened dried cherries—not so easy to find, though. +1 on dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and my kids love their animal crackers.

Eddie Barrera: Cats cookies but NOT the chocolate kind.

Rebekah Daniels: I love the maple leaf sandwich cookies. Those have to go on a very high, difficult-to-reach shelf whenever I buy them.

Photo by Trader Joe's

Brette Warshaw: The multigrain pita bite crackers and the frozen dark-chocolate-covered bananas.

Funmi Ojo: Belgian butter almond thins.

Erin Alexander: Their dark chocolate-covered mini pretzels are SO GOOD it's impossible to put down the bag.

What are the Trader Joe's snacks you just can't quit? Let us know in the comments.

This article was updated on May 31, 2019 to share with you some of our new favorites.

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Carol November 6, 2022
Chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. I used to work right near the “original” Trader Joe’s and have had one near me for more years than I can remember. It IS like Disneyland. Always something new to try and love. And I agree with whoever said the Maple Leaf sandwich cookies have to be on a top shelf (but problem is that mine hardly make it home as I open the box the second I get in the car!!!)
Sunny C. April 21, 2022
Chocolate covered ginger
Not found anywhere else
Alison L. November 21, 2021
Blistered Peanuts are my go to for guilty pleasure!
Susan February 13, 2021
I love the Indian vegetarian samosas from the freezer. Pair it with the mango chutney for a real treat. I also love their cheese blintzes.
Cookie February 28, 2020
TJ's dark chocolate covered marshmallows - keep them in the freezer for a great chewy melty satisfying two-bite dessert.
Terri P. January 31, 2020
Plaintain Crisps. But be careful, they are addictive,
Elaine R. January 25, 2020
I am just so glad I actually live on top of Trader Joe's in Los Angeles. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to move to my building.
Beverlee A. January 24, 2020
Hey Jackson! I LOVE UNsalted TJ's Peanut Butter Pretzels...Not trash. Great for treating those of us on lower salt diets.
DiningWithDebbie January 24, 2020
The Ghost Pepper Potato Chips!! #addictive
sherry L. January 24, 2020
Trader Joe's Champagne Pear Vinaigrette, Chevre Creamy fresh goat cheese. lettuce, cut up red pepper, carrots, celery and slice a fresh pear add cheese and dressing. The best the very best. Also love Homestyle Salsa Especial Medium. The best of any refrigerated Salsa
on the market.
Penny L. December 28, 2019
The rosemary Marcona almonds are my favorite snack. I take bags with me when I visit friends in Europe and have my friends addicted too. My latest addiction is the dark chocolate peanut butter cups. And the brandy beans during the holidays. I buy boxes to have past the season.
Denise September 3, 2019
The Trader Joe's Lightly Sweetened Coconut Strips. I buy them every time i go. They are addictive........
Pat T. September 3, 2019
TJ's Partially popped popcorn....always buy 3 but it doesn't last long
Lisa June 30, 2019
My all time favorite TJs item is the pesto Gouda cheese. However, I can no longer find it. I check every single time I’m in a TJs, to no avail. :( other favorites are the organic corn chip dippers, white cheddar corn puffs, cinnamon schoolbook cookies, low salt almonds, ham and cheese tarte.
Emily L. June 29, 2019
I just discovered sweet corn burrata basil raviolis that I paired with my homemade spaghetti sauce and they totally knocked my socks off! You must try them & I think they're a great starting point for any number of ideas not just pasta flavors, peach salsa could extra yummy on them! Mmmm
KP June 25, 2019
Chili lime cashews!!! Could eat a whole bag for breakfast if I let myself.
Renee F. June 18, 2019
Halloumi cheese slices only available during summer grilling season which I buy five or six packages at a time and freeze for using after the season - this non-melting cooking cheese does not suffer from freezing; organic chocolate covered sunflower seeds with a naturally colored thin candy coating; both their ginger and green tea mints. Two serving precut watermelon chunks tend not to be cost effective in other stores but well priced at TJ and get packed in my plane and train food cooler.
Emily L. June 29, 2019
I looked for their chocolate covered sunflower seeds 2 weeks ago & I was told they don't carry them anymore! That was so sad! I'm in San Diego if anyone knows one that still carries them 😉
Beverlee A. June 16, 2019
I started shopping TJ's at their first store in Monrovia, several California cities, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Laramie, Wyoming, and now in The Woodlands, Texas. Trader Joe's is my Disneyland. When we moved to Texas, I told the RE Agent, get us near a Trader Joe's. It's less than a mile away. TJ's has been a part of my life for nearly as long as they've been open. I plan my meals around what I can get there, so I rarely shop anywhere else.
Beverlee A. June 16, 2019
P.S. I'm almost 90 years YES, their first store.
Toddie June 2, 2019
The precooked lentils with the bruschetta sauce mixed in. With or without the cheese sprinkled on. Great quick lunch or snack. I know it is more cost efficient to make my own but the convenience is sometimes worth it.
begw June 2, 2019
Pound Plus chocolate bars. Secret stash all over — touch them and die.
Smaug June 2, 2019
Can you really polish one off in one sitting?