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July  8, 2011

Poolside Cocktails

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Poolside Cocktail. For more details and to enter the contest, go here

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thirschfeld July 8, 2011
Does soaking in the horse trough count as pool side?
aargersi July 8, 2011
absolutely! Well, but only if you attach photos along with your recipe
aargersi July 8, 2011
I mean of you. In the trough.
mrslarkin July 8, 2011
OMG, you have to shoot the video for this one poolside. Promise?
hardlikearmour July 8, 2011
Awesome theme! Can't wait to see what everyone "cooks" up.
fo July 8, 2011
Are you looking specifically for alcoholic cocktails?
I was going to ask the same thing. No mocktails?
Kristen M. July 11, 2011
Sorry for the delay -- we were originally thinking booze (surprise surprise) but I don't think we'd turn a great-looking mocktail down.
aargersi July 8, 2011
Whoooohooo! Gonna be a tipsy weekend!
Sagegreen July 8, 2011
And your pool is the perfect testing spot, too!!! Luckies!