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Your First Look at IKEA's 2019 Catalog

August  1, 2018

I love summer for many reasons, and IKEA's annual catalog release in late July ranks right up there alongside peak produce and Instagram-worthy sunsets.

And this year is no different: The Swedish home retailer's 2019 catalog is almost here and my copy's already chock-full of dog-eared pages. Ready yourselves because blush pink hues and velvet furnishings aren't going anywhere just yet, and I'm down with all of it.

I think I will have a seat, thank you. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

The new catalog comes on the heels of IKEA's 75th anniversary, and celebrates different ways of living, as depicted through a range of fictional homes across a range of budgets, sizes, and styles.

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"From a space-limited apartment serving a large family to a home totally dedicated to eco-friendly choices, the newest IKEA catalog highlights products and solutions that can help everyone achieve a better everyday life at home, no matter how they live," states the company's press release.

Coming soon to a breakfast table near you. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

From its "Haven in the City" lifestyle where a calming place to recharge is paramount, to a maximalist home where more is more, there's plenty of inspiration to be found. Keep your eyes open for the new products to hit your nearest store's shelves as they start rolling out in August, and in the meantime, enjoy a little preview below.

Don't we all need a sweet mint green vacuum flask in our lives? Photo by IKEA U.S.A.
A freestanding kitchen workspace, at the ready. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.
A brass faucet instantly makes a sink more chic. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.
More motivation to learn how to keep plants alive. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.
Tufted seating is always a yes, please. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.
Give me all the textiles. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.
Pretty sure I'd get more work done if I had this nifty desk set-up. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

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GingerBear August 1, 2018
It would be helpful to know the names of these items. I wasn’t able to find them in the catalog.
Nicole August 4, 2018
Totally agree. I looked all through the catalog for that wood-frame chair on the left side, and couldn't find it. Maybe it's not in the 2019 US catalog? That'd be a shame!
Nicole August 4, 2018
Update: I found the chair online, it's the Ekenäset!