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Our Shop is 5 Years—& 2,365 Products—Old Today

August 20, 2018

Yes, this is about our Shop turning five years old (and all the things you’ve done to help us along the way). But just for a sec, let’s talk about butter keepers. This’ll all come together, but we’re going take the scenic route first—so keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle and know that flash photography is a-OK.

Back to butter keepers.

They are irresistibly cute. Their sole purpose in life is to keep our favorite butters safe and sound, ready to spread at a moment's notice. But cute as they are, they're not without shortcomings.

Shop the Story

This is where you come in. A couple years ago, you looked at the butter keepers of planet Earth and said, Hey, my butter is bigger than this keeper. (This is the kind of feedback we adore, just for the record—email us at [email protected] anytime.)

We worked with our makers to see if we could expand our butter keeper so it could happily cradle butters of all sizes. And thanks to you, we were able to make it happen. And you liked it! Which made us happy: You were happy!

That’s our Shop’s last five years in a nutshell—ah, see? Put the coffee on, we made it home.

Bread for Your Butter to Love

For the last half-decade, it’s been us and you, driving down that two-way street of friendship in a convertible. Top down, music blasting. Growing our Shop has been an endlessly fun conversation together:

  • You asked us for everyday dinnerware that was strong as an ox, so back in September 2015, we joined forces with potter-slash-dinnerware-designer Jono Pandolfi for our first collaboration ever. The result? Simply stunning, restaurant-quality dishes that can stand up to even the most hectic family dinners—go ahead and sling those porkchops. But the thing we like the most? The entire line came into being because you asked us for it. T-shirt cannon!
  • Our PieBox size was adjusted to be larger when one of you received it as a gift—but couldn't fit your pie dish in it. Air horn!
  • This brings us to aprons—you wanted a few stylish options that were under $40, and bing-bang-boom, we found them and you got them. Balloon drop!

Oh, what a journey we’ve had together. Like milestones tend to do, this birthday has us feeling warm, fuzzy, and full of sepia-toned memories. And especially today, we’re filled with happy thoughts at how important you’ve been right from the get-go. When we started this Shop, our hope was to bring you things to fill you and your home with warmth, happiness, and amazing deliciousness—and that we could do it all together. So far, so good.

Time to blow out those birthday candles before they melt all over the icing. We’d tell you our wish, but it’s bad luck! Ok, we’ll tell you—it’s more butter keepers. We love butter, can’t help it.

Seriously, thank you.

The Food52 Shop Team (Rashmi, Jojo, Kristina, Louise, Casey, Trevor, Kate, Melissa, Natalia, and Emily!)

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Diari September 17, 2018
Angie August 21, 2018
I love how your shop's birthday and my birthday are on the same day! Woohoo to us both :D