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KitchenAid’s Newest Mixer Color Takes the Cake

September  6, 2018

KitchenAid, the brand that's launched millions of home cooks' flour-filled dreams, kicks off its 100th birthday celebrations with limited-edition products in a cool new shade called "Misty Blue."

Misty Blue, a pleasing, soft hue with just a hint of green, is gracing the iconic stand mixer with two different bowl choices in addition to a freestanding range. The color's meant to evoke one of the very first KitchenAid mixer colors ever introduced since the company's start in 1919.

A Misty Blue stand mixer in its retro glory. Photo by KitchenAid

Now back to those special bowl choices: The limited-edition Heritage Artisan Series Stand Mixer will come with either a white-coated stainless steel bowl, as shown above, or a white ceramic one reminiscent of vintage hobnail bowls, as seen below. (Swoon!)

We think this will fit right at home. Photo by KitchenAid

The steel bowl model is currently on sale for $399.99 while the ceramic bowl version is $499.99 on KitchenAid's site. The 36-inch, 6-burner freestanding range and oven (with convection capability) will go on sale this fall, retailing for $7,699.

Burn, baby, burn. Photo by KitchenAid

A Mixer-Ready Recipe for You

What do you think of the new Misty Blue hue? Share your favorite KitchenAid color with us below!

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    Lulu Belle
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M September 10, 2018
Too busy staring at my favourite tile. Love seeing it as a backsplash in the burn baby burn pic.
Lulu B. September 10, 2018
So pretty! Mine is apple green. I loved it when I got it, but it feels a little dated now.
HalfPint September 7, 2018
Love the color. It's similar to the color in my daughter's room. My Kitchen Aid mixer is Empire Red. I call it "Big Red" :)
Eric K. September 7, 2018
Mine's a vintage "cream"—but the accents in my kitchenette are close to this Misty Blue! If only I had that oven...
BerryBaby September 6, 2018
It's a beautiful color. Mine is the black with stainless bowl. Matches my kitchen appliances and adds a touch of class!
Hana A. September 6, 2018
Love that combo! Is your black stand matte or glossy? Either way, bet it looks great in your lovely kitchen. :)