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6 Clever Storage Tricks from Airstreams That Make Us Want to Downsize, Stat

September 17, 2018

I never fancied myself a tiny house person until I started uncovering Airstream renovation accounts on Instagram. I’m a sucker for all things vintage and love a good DIY challenge, so when I saw how people were turning these retro recreational vehicles (better known as RVs) into dreamy living spaces, I was hooked. I’ve written a lot about my own small-space living challenges, but my design feats pale in comparison to these innovative renovators.

Here are some of the most useful tips I’ve observed from some of the most beautiful Airstreams out there.

Storage Tip 1: Use hooks everywhere you can

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Kitchen views in the Airstream.

A post shared by Natasha Lawyer & Brett Bashaw (@tincanhomestead) on

The 200-square-foot “Tin Can Homestead” has a lot of great storage hacks—but my favorite one is how they used hooks to organize everything from plants to kitchen supplies. I love when storage can also be aesthetically pleasing (I’m a big fan of displaying cute coffee mugs).

Storage tip 2: Out of sight, out of mind

I’ve noticed that many renovated Airstreams utilize under-bed storage. I don’t know if this is a standard thing in traditional RVs, but in renovated model's like Miss Marjorie the Airstream, this storage fits right in, design-wise. I know a lot of people who live in non-mobile houses that don’t use the space under their bed for storage—an area I like to call “dead space.” In reality, it’s a perfect place to stow away things you don’t need everyday without disrupting your decor, whether you live in an Airstream or an apartment.

Storage tip 3: A curtain does A LOT

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Waking up in Primrose. 🌸🌸🌸 @urbanoutfittershome

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Lack of privacy has to be a concern for people who live in RVs, right? Rudy and Elsa, the owners of Primrose the Airstream (is it just me, or do these names keep getting cuter?) used a simple curtain to create separation within their 200-square-feet of living space. Unlike using furniture or bookcases to divide a space (a popular trend among my studio apartment-dwelling friends), a curtain doesn’t take up any floor space.

Storage tip 4: Decorative storage is a thing

Nathalie and Louis, the residents of this Airstream, installed a cedar wall sized to fit their growing photo collection. Instead of hanging up picture frames, all they have to do is fill up this panel with their favorite memories.

Storage tip 5: Flexibility is key

Not only is this countertop beautiful, but it serves multiple purposes. The owners of this Airstream (which they've named Florence) use the counter for cooking and food prep, as well as a workspace.

Storage tip 6: Leave no surface area unused

Okay, so this isn’t technically an Airstream, but this bus is too cute not to include. One thing I noticed about the storage on this bus is that there’s a lot on display. If you have space for it, you might as well leave out your books, dishes, souvenirs, blankets, and whatever else you can’t find a home for. You’ll add personality to your space—and it will be easy to find what you’re looking for.

Go Ahead, Throw a Little Party

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TheVeggieWifey September 24, 2018
Great article! Living in Hong Kong, we are totally limited for space here, so we got this super thin 2mx1m spice rack to place against our kitchen wall to save space on spice storage (and any other sauces) Another tip for downsizing 😊
Margaret September 21, 2018
Love this. Beautiful!
(Author, could you please tell me a bit about that
mantle-fireplace / table? Thanks.)