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Get Cooking With Food52 & Amazon Alexa!

September 26, 2018

Here at Food52, we love recipes. They guide us through the twists and turns of dishes, introduce new flavors and personalities we might otherwise never meet, spark conversation and inspiration. It’s safe to say that recipes are our North Star to eating thoughtfully and living joyfully.

Which is why we’re excited to announce our latest collaboration, a new feature that enables customers to cook from our thousands of trusted community-sourced recipes using Amazon’s Alexa.

Here’s how it works: Cooks can say, “Alexa, find [cuisine, ingredient, occasion] recipes from Food52,” to their Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot devices. Alexa will then walk them through each step of the recipe they choose with audio, visuals, and videos. There is no need to touch screens with hands that are wet or greasy from cooking—cooks can simply ask for next steps or to set a timer.

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By combining our rich archive of recipes with Amazon’s cutting-edge technology, we hope to inspire a whole new community of home cooks—from beginners to master chefs—in dreaming up dinner (and lunch, and breakfast, and snacks...).

Curious to try it out? To access the experience on your Echo Spot or Echo Show, simply say “Alexa, find [cuisine, ingredient, occasion] recipes from Food52.”

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  • MichiElise
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    Simon Knapp
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MichiElise September 29, 2018
Yay!!! Been waiting for this!
Simon K. September 15, 2020
Keen to know if you ever used the skill?