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Something Very Big Is Happening On 10/16

October 15, 2018

It’s high time. It’s here. Can you feel it? Something so good it’ll knock your socks off...

You saved the date, right?

Back in March, we announced that we were creating a cutting board—with you! More than 10,000 of you weighed in on alllll the details you were looking for (which roughly works out to, oh, about 500 billion details). Thank you!

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We all got together in the kitchen and, armed with your input and our know-how, designed the perfect cutting board, our dream cutting board. The cream of the crop, a trusty sidekick for all kinds of kitchen adventures.

We'll use it to chop, slice, and dice things.

We'll carve chickens on it—and then, with the juices that collect, make a buttery pan sauce.

It's so pretty, we'll even serve cheese on it.

We said we were on a mission to reimagine every room in the house—and remake everything in it. Kitchen towels. And mixing bowls. And wooden spoons. (Coming right up.)

Well, the day is here at last. Almost.

On October 16th, we’ll be revealing the name of our new line for kitchen, home, and life, created with you, our Food52 community. Plus, you’ll get to order that cutting board you helped us design.

Are you ready?

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Nichola October 17, 2018
All we need now is shipping to Australia!