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Yes, Our Five Two Cutting Board Comes with a Few Extra Goodies—That’s How We Roll

We made videos like a bunch of proud parents.

November  8, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

As you’ve probably heard by now, Five Two is our new line of products for kitchen, home, and life. It all starts with our sparkly-shiny Double-Sided Cutting Board, designed with the help of 10,000 of you. And it comes to your home with some nifty bonus treats—there’s way more in the box than just that sturdy maple dreamboat.

Here’s Amanda Hesser, our co-founder and CEO, unboxing her very own Five Two cutting board:

Here's a look at all those little details:

  • That Five Two tote bag you see on top was given out to our first 1,000 buyers. But the special little book that comes with each board? Oh, that goes to everyone (you, you, and you). It's chock-full of info you need not only to care for your board, but also to use it to the max.
  • Why yes, there is a second booklet. “Serve Up Some Snacks!” says the cover—a philosophy we always get behind. Inside you’ll get tips on a few ways to craft the kind of charcuterie board that people will tell their grandkids about in hushed, reverent tones.
  • Then, the pièce de résistance! All that fresh wood. Hi, phone slot. And whoa, that juice groove. "It was a common design flaw in a lot of products—that the groove wasn’t deep enough. So you’d be carving a turkey and the juices would overflow." says Kristina Wasserman, our director of merchandising and product development. But ours? Oh, it’s extra-deep.

Not to be outdone, a second unboxing video came into the world thanks to Jim Bishop, our VP of engineering, and Merrill Stubbs, our co-founder, president, and the Oz-like voice behind the camera:

  • See that blue Five Two sticker? The exact Pantone shade was vetted by Amanda and Merrill. "We love the ease and sophistication of a nice blue—it goes with pretty much anything,” explains Merrill, “and we made sure to select a tone that had a hint of warmth to it.”
  • A notepad! Yes, that’s just an extra little gift from us to you. It’s handy graph paper with our logo on it—ready for grocery lists, reminders, the first pages of your memoir, whatever.
  • And finally, watch us take that fancy phone slot for a spin. We tested it a bunch so it works like a charm (if you wanted to, say, post a video of yourself chopping peppers or what-have-you…you could, easily).

And we have more than enough room in our hearts for your Five Two cutting board unboxing videos, too. (Or pics! Or kind words!) Post them using #f52byyou.

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gasgirl July 24, 2019
I like the board..hate the waste of a phone insert~ wish it came without one...