Preview of Next Week's Themes

November  6, 2009

Next week's themes will be (you can enter beginning Monday):

Your Best Autumn Salad

Shop the Story

Your Best Sweet Potato Recipe


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nieceboo November 14, 2009
When is the deadline again?
EmilyNunn November 8, 2009
Okay. I don't want anyone to feel pressured, but I think we're in my wheelhouse here. Bring it!
eatboutique November 8, 2009
Mmm... Fun!
mtrelaun November 8, 2009
I, too, love how the recipes are beginning to dovetail with Thanksgiving. Very clever, A + M!
mrslarkin November 8, 2009
Oh, this one looks like so much fun! Just wondering, do you enjoy picking the themes, or is it torturous trying to decide?
Food52 November 8, 2009
It's probably one of our favorite things to do. We're often inspired by recipes that people add to the site, which is great -- we love getting ideas from all of you!
Kitchen B. November 7, 2009
Love the Autumn theme.....