Best Last-Minute Food Subscription Gifts


19 Killer Food Subscriptions to Give This Holiday—Because You've Still Got Time!

Our guide to thoughtful gifts that don't feel last-minute.

December 17, 2018
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Tick-tock! I blinked and somehow found myself within spitting distance of Christmas. I'm realizing I may have missed the shipping cut-off dates for many sites, but my list of unshopped-for loved ones still looms large.

If you find yourself similarly pressed for time, know that there are still plenty of thoughtful options out there. I've said before that the best presents to give are the ones you'd love to receive yourself. Luckily, there are a whole host of subscription gifts that fit this bill—and the best part is, the lucky giftee can benefit from your generosity long after the holiday season is over.

For the Best Type of Calendar That Ever Was

A new salami to kick off every month is on par with getting my monthly horoscope, TBH.

For Those Who Want Wine with That ^^

Exploring new wines from a fun service like Winc couldn't be easier. (Plus, your reviews will help inform what you receive in future deliveries.)

…And Maybe Some Cheese Alongside

What's better than starting your month off with a curated selection of cheeses from one of New York's preeminent purveyors? Murray's Cheese of the Month subscribers also have the ability to speak directly to the in-house mongers who choose the assortments.

For Those Who Love Briny Bites

We might as well round out this charcuterie plate with some pucker-inducing veg, no?

For Those for Whom Ice Cream Is Seasonless

There's no way you can read a city guide on Portland and not come upon a mention of Salt & Straw. Lucky for us, the popular small-batch ice cream is available for nationwide delivery. Give the gift of five creamy, delicious Salt & Straw pints every month, get major karma points for life.

For Plant-Based Ice Cream-aholics

Trust me when I say I've had some not-so-good non-dairy ice creams in my time. That's why I just about fell off my chair when I tried Frankie & Jo's luscious Cured Persimmon Pudding (!) before realizing all of their offerings are 100 percent vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. It's not just good for a plant-based ice cream―it's dang good ice cream, period.

For Butter Believers

This quarterly subscription is for those who wonder how butter can possibly be better.

For Those Who Like a Good Stack

Taste all the grades of Vermont maple syrup (arguably one of the best in the world) when joining the Carman Brook Farm Maple Club. Just add pancakes.

For Those Who Prayed for a Bacon Club

Stop the car.

For Those Who Need Hot Sauce with *Everything*

Don’t forget you’ll need some good hot sauce with those bacon and eggs.

For Diehard & Newbie Coffee Fans Alike

Giving the gift of an Angels' Cup membership is more than just about coffee; it's opening them up to a wide world of variety, roasters, blind tastings, and an active community. A helpful app allows you to record and compare tasting notes with the roastmaster—how cool is that?

For Those Who Insist Tea Will Be Their *Thing*

Do you know the difference between a tea and a tisane? Trying out new (and beautifully packaged) teas is made easy through Art of Tea's own club. The company imports teas from around the world directly, which they blend, custom-craft, and pack all by hand.

For the Carnivores in Your Life

Straight from Nashville, Porter Road's flexible subscriptions almost make it too easy to get your hands on high-quality, local meat (that won't break the bank) from two chefs who decided the whole country should have access to the good stuff.

For Those Who Like Crafts

Craft beer, that is. Let The Original Craft Beer Club do the heavy-lifting by sourcing from all of the country's great microbreweries, and sending you a curated selection at the frequency of your choice.

For Pasta Lovers (That’s Everyone)

Don’t worry, you don't need to know how to pronounce it. It’s that good.

For Olive Oil Enthusiasts

You can’t have any pasta without the olive oil, and newcomer Brightland promises a fresh way to enjoy extra-virgin olive oil, starting with hand-picked olives harvested in the golden state of California. Will resume shipping in January 2019.

For Those Who Believe in a Chocolate Heaven

What's better than our favorite one-stop baking bible, Genius Desserts? Said bible paired with micro-batch chocolate bars, inspired by the book.

For Those Into the Holiday Spirit(s)

A Flaviar membership gives you access to craft and premium spirits from across the globe, curated from more than 15,000 bottles of whisk(e)y, bourbon, gin, cognac, rum, and other spirits: a "speakeasy movement of the modern day."

For Fans of Mad Libs (& Mad Good Eats)

Okay, so technically this is not a subscription gift, but it is a present that will continue to delight. Food52's new book, Cook in the Blank, promises endless fun and riffs on go-to classics. This is the turn-up every dinner needs, from the utilitarian weeknight variety to the more elaborate weekend party.

Do you have a favorite food subscription? Let us know below!

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Eric K. December 17, 2018
This is going to save my BUTT this week; thanks for gathering, Hana.