Savour  Simple Summer Peach Cake

With dog days of summer poised to set in, beware the kitchen burnout, friends. We know you're tired and you've been working too hard. But now is when we must take to the kitchen, spatulas grasped in palms sweaty from humidity and aprons shirked (it's too hot!). Cook and savor the last days of summer. And so we've unearthed a cook who, as you dig deep and remember why you love it, will happily camp-counselor you along for the ride. A Los Angeles mom with a full-time job, Savour "firmly believes that anyone can cook good, everyday meals from scratch with sufficient tools and encouragement" and tries "to create meals that are delicious, wholesome and not too intimidating." This woman is just what the doctor ordered.

With dishes that twist classics into delightfully new recipes, Savour's sensibility is fresh but satisfying (it's no surprise she's a winner for her Simple Summer Peach Cake -- pictured above.) Try this summer menu on for size: Squash and Cauliflower Salad with Cranberry Beans and Salsa Verde followed by Raspberry Meringue Bread Pudding. Cover all bases and be set for Meatless Monday -- what's not to like? But it's not all highfalutin: Grilled Pepper Cheese Sandwiches and My Daddy's Hot Clam Dip never get old. Nor do her lovely photographs. So, thank you, Savour for helping us make the most of the end of summer.

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Read Savour's profile Q&A below and follow her on Twitter here.

  • What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?
    Alligator at a (now defunct) Cajun restaurant in NYC


  • What do you cook when home alone?
    Avocado on Toast, Grilled Cheese sandwiches


  • Your most treasured kitchen possession:
    My Le Creuset French Oven(s)


  • Your ideal meal:
    Poilane Bread, runny cheese, perfect fruit, wine and chocolate


  • Something you'd like a chance to eat or cook:
    Thomas Keller's food


  • The number of bottles of wine you own:


  • The ideal number of guests for a dinner party is:


  • Kitchen pet peeve:
    Anything that requires superfluous dishes. I hate emptying the dishwasher.


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I'm a Los Angeles based home cook with a full time job and 2 young kids, so my recipes tend to be accessible to busy people. I firmly believe that anyone can cook good, everyday meals from scratch with sufficient tools and encouragement, and I try to create meals that are delicious, wholesome and not too intimidating. Most of my favorite recipes tend to be twists on a classic dish that makes it new and exciting.


Judy A. August 3, 2011
I couldn't agree with you more when you say "everyone can cook good meals everyday". It's incredible what a sharp knife and someone to demystify the process. August 3, 2011
I also love avocado on toast at home. A no fuss meal for the at home chef.
Kitchen B. August 3, 2011
Group hug sister - dishwasher-emptying--no-likers (or haters). I need to try me some peach cake!
nannydeb August 2, 2011
Congratulations! I've made your peach cake several times and everyone loves it!
pruett_cunningham August 2, 2011
Your pimento cheese recipe is a favorite in my house!
aargersi August 2, 2011
Great spotlight - that peach cake is a favorite around here!!!!
EmilyC August 2, 2011
Nice to see you in the spotlight! Your recipes are lovely.
BlueKaleRoad August 2, 2011
Congratulations, Savour! Lovely to get to know you better. I like your food philosophy and look forward to making your peach cake.
fiveandspice August 2, 2011
So great to see you in the spotlight Savour!
Midge August 2, 2011
What a great spotlight. I've made your lovely peach cake many times, the last time with plums. Delicious!
mrslarkin August 2, 2011
so nice to see Savour in the spotlight!!
MrsWheelbarrow August 2, 2011
Love to see Kate in the spotlight as that plum cake is just the tip of a very tasty blog full of goodness!
mcs3000 August 2, 2011
Congrats! Getting clams in my CSA soon. Can't wait to make your dip.
Fairmount_market August 1, 2011
Congratulations Savour! I agree with your conviction that everyone can cook good everyday meals.
drbabs August 1, 2011
So nice to see you in the spotlight!
drbabs August 1, 2011
Oh and emptying the dishwasher--me, too! Hate! (But doesn't that sound so spoiled?)
SKK August 1, 2011
Great to see you in the spotlight. Love your Grilled Pepper Cheese sandwich! But did you like the alligator? I developed a taste for it when I lived in Louisiana.
SKK August 1, 2011
And the addition of the wine to the sandwich. From you I learned the joy of pimento cheese - how it should really taste.
Panfusine August 1, 2011
Amen to the dishwasher clean out!! & looking forward to trying the grilled pepper cheese sandwich.. WOnderful to make your acquaintance thru the spotlight. Congratulations!
boulangere August 1, 2011
What a wonderful, sweet spotlight!
boulangere August 1, 2011
And I'm with you on the dishwasher thing. Irrational, I know, but there it is.