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The Most Popular Neutral Colors Were Just Revealed & They’re So, So Relaxing

Behr announces 2018's top-selling neutral paint hues; we swoon.

February 12, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

It's no secret that we love neutral colors over at Food52—if you've ever been to our offices, chances are, you can now name 10 more shades of "off-white" than you could before you crossed the threshold. (I'm partial to our "Cortado Foam Ecru" couches, myself.)

So when paint company Behr recently revealed the U.S.' most popular neutral-toned paint colors based on its 2018 Home Depot sales, we couldn't wait to get our hands on those swatches. Behold:

*Looks deeply into the relaxing vortex of neutrals and drifts gently into a nap.* Photo by Behr

"When it comes to color selection, neutrals feel fresh and timeless. While bolder color trends come and go, popular neutral trends—like grays in the 2010s—tend to stick around for a longer period of time," says Behr's Vice President of Color & Creative Services Erika Woelfel. "We’ve found that people find the 'perfect white' or 'perfect greige' and stick to it through home projects over the years. Homeowners get very attached to their favorite shades. Neutral colors are a blank canvas for riskier, bolder décor accents and can suit any taste."

Which quadrant speaks to you most? Photo by Behr

From "antique white" to "Swiss coffee" to "mushroom bisque," we can see why these delicate shades have proven so popular across the country.

"I like to classify neutrals as any color that effortlessly fades into the background. Some might say neutrals are hues that don’t fall on the color wheel, but the best neutrals have colorful undertones that shine through—from yellow, to blue or red," says Woelfel.

Next up, for 2019? Woelfel predicts the emergence of warmer white tones, the continued popularity of of beige and cream shades, brown hues with red undertones (think: terracotta), and a wide range of grays.

Snag Some Soothing Neutrals For Your Digs

What's your go-to neutral tone? Let us know in the comments!

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Mari O. February 25, 2019
I find those colors very depressing.