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Take a Stroll Through the (Updated!) Food52 Office

April 11, 2017

We've called our office in New York City home for two years now (time flies when you're frying bacon!). And we're still as smitten as the day we moved in—maybe even more so now that it's a little bit lived in. The cozy couches have accommodated many a meeting, we've shared meal after "meat snack" on the roomy farm tables, and the test kitchen has gotten a crossfit-level workout.

The elevators open to this beautiful sight. Hi! Welcome to Food52! Photo by Mark Weinberg

An office that has been loved like ours needs a pick-me-up now and then. So when we recently spruced up our space, we tapped our friends at KitchenAid to come in and refresh our Test and Team Kitchens, too! Take a look around. We think it looks pretty great.

the test kitchen

Check out the bead board-covered KitchenAid® refrigerator on the left! Photo by Mark Weinberg

Our favorite detail of the upgrade is the matching beadboard front to the new Test Kitchen refrigerator. We're always keen on the sleek, classic look of a stainless steel door—but to give ours that extra Food52 flourish, we affixed the white wood to mimic the paneling on the wall of the kitchen.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

We're partial to these marble countertops—especially when turning out pie dough (which we do... pretty often)—because they never show too much mess. But to help with the inevitable stacks of dirty plates, cups, and blates that come with a test kitchen, our new dishwasher from Kitchenaid runs all day long. Its good-feeling matte handle and the satisfying click when it shuts makes doing dishes a little less of a chore.

New ovens and cooktop looking shiny (waiting to be splattered by zealous cooking!). Photo by Mark Weinberg
Open shelving: our trademark. Photo by Mark Weinberg

a new addition!

As our team continued to grow, our space needs continued to grow. Our office's "back area," for lack of a better term, was teeming with boxes upon boxes of Shop products waiting to be reviewed, props that you see pop up in all our photographs, and all the odds and ends it takes for a business like ours to run. What were we to do?

Where all the Shop samples slumber—now. Photo by Mark Weinberg

We took on another small space a few floors above us in our building. With the help of our office designers Brad Sherman and Barbara Giacoman, of Float Studio, we outfitted it with roomy shelves, a packing table, and space for event supplies. We even gave our photographer and photo assistant their own office (they more than deserved it, after being stuck in a cluttered corner since our move-in).

the Nooks & Crannies

Quiet as a mouse. Photo by Mark Weinberg

KitchenAid hooked us up (literally, hooked us up) with a Whirlpool washer and dryer. With flour sack towels, aprons, and rumply linens piled high at the end of each day, our laundry machines are life-savers. The photo studio is right next to our laundry nook, so it's an added bonus that the machines are super quiet—no extra noise in the background of our video shoots!

A comfy window seat for little meetings (or catnaps). Photo by Mark Weinberg
Behind those doors lies an Amanda Hesser-inspired—and very organized—pantry. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Right around the corner from the Test Kitchen is an extra-roomy refrigerator and freezer, nestled perfectly in between our stocked pantry. See that freezer drawer? It's patiently waiting to be filled with pints of ice cream from our new cookbook Ice Cream & Friends. (Your freezer, too? We know.)

I spy Jono Pandolfi, Hawkins New York, and Malfatti! Photo by Mark Weinberg

the team kitchen

The Team Kitchen is one of the best parts about working at Food52, now outfitted with a fleet of appliances from KitchenAid. (Stainless steel refrigerator doors, you still have a place in our hearts and kitchens.)

Talk about Not Sad Desk Lunch. Photo by Mark Weinberg

On any given day, you might see a team member making pancakes, kneading bread dough, batching cocktails, or baking cookies. 1.7 million grain salads have been conceived in this space (an unscientific approximation, but we're pretty sure). This fresh refrigerator stocks all our Not Sad Desk Lunches, and even the occasional Sad Desk Lunch—we're looking at you, cheese nubs of questionable expiration date.

the closed lounge

#shelfgoals. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Also dubbed "The Library," the Closed Lounge acquires more books by the day. It houses cookbooks our editors are leafing through for inspiration, ones that are so essential that they've earned a permanent shelf spot (I spy The Joy of Cooking), and of course, all the Food52 Works cookbooks. The first copies of our newest titles, Ice Cream & Friends and Mighty Salads are hidden somewhere in there!

Shop the Story

It's also the spot where Books Editor Ali Slagle shoots her weekly "Cookbook Mail" Facebook Live and our team has meetings that deserve extra plushy seating. Occasionally, the room is even free to snag for a quiet haven for writing and working.

the open lounge

An everyday question: the firm grey couch or the squishy green couch? Photo by Mark Weinberg

Whew, that tour tuckered us out. You, too? We invite you to take a load off in our cushy Open Lounge. Thanks for joining us!

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“Can we talk about that sweet little sink nestled between the swanky new W&D and wall??? Love (heart eyes)! ”
— KellyBcooks

Let us know in the comments which new details of the office you like the most!

Our homey, cozy offices—and kitchens—recently got an upgrade with brand-new KitchenAid® appliances. Kitchenaid is our new Test Kitchen partner, so you'll be seeing them around these parts more often.

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Melissa C. September 28, 2019
Stunning! As a home cook, the test kitchen is what cooking dreams are made of. Hire me, please!
thequeenie August 24, 2019
I literally just found you by accident. I am an oldie and am cooking for one so I am on board to enjoy new recipes and share my experiences in cooking for one..
Chelsea T. October 6, 2017
It literally looks like a scene out of heaven! I would love to work there some day!
Angela @. April 18, 2017
Any gas cooktops in the Test Kitchen?
Author Comment
Olivia B. April 18, 2017
Hi Angela! Unfortunately, due to building restrictions, we aren't permitted to use gas cooktops. We're really happy with our induction surfaces, though!
Morningside H. April 15, 2017
Can we PLEASE take a peak inside the "Amanda Hesser-inspired" food pantry to see what goodies you have in there? Also, how do you manage your spices? Are they in a drawer?
Author Comment
Olivia B. April 17, 2017
Hi there! You can get a peek at what it looks like behind those doors in this post:

And get some pantry organization tips from Amanda, too ;)
Victoria M. April 12, 2017
Don't forget about Meat Breakfast!
Adam B. April 12, 2017
Meat snack!!
Katherine R. April 11, 2017
I dig the bar stools along the kitchen counter. I'd feel hip taking my lunch break there!
KellyBcooks April 11, 2017
Can we talk about that sweet little sink nestled between the swanky new W&D and wall??? Love (heart eyes)!
Author Comment
Olivia B. April 11, 2017
Thanks, KellyBcooks! It's an industrial sink that our designer, Brad Sherman, painted to add a pop of color. We're big fans.