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10 Storage Boxes Even Marie Kondo Would Love

You've got the fold down, now what?

March 18, 2019
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Given the sheer popularity of both Marie Kondo’s best-selling book and new Netflix series, it’s really no surprise that the professional tidy-upper's own line of drawer organization boxes is sold out. Don’t let that dampen your newfound dreams of a tidier home, though. There are plenty of other great products that will help you keep drawers clean and organized.

We scoured the internet for other amazing storage boxes that will help change your life—and your home—for the better. Here are 10 options we think Marie Kondo would love.

Diamond-Shaped Drawer Dividers

If you need help organizing small items, such as undergarments or socks, this diamond-shaped drawer organizer is a budget-friendly pick. You can cut down the criss-crossed design to perfectly fit your drawer—just be sure the drawer height in question is 3 inches or more to comfortably fit the organizer.

Adorable Nursery Organizers

These organization boxes are so sweet you might be tempted to display them on TOP of your dresser. The set of chevron organizers includes four pieces that are specifically designed to help organize your nursery. The small compartments are perfect for baby shoes or socks, while the bigger containers can hold onesies, diapers, and other essential supplies.

Expanding Drawer Dividers

If you don’t love the idea of using boxes in your drawers, you can divide them up into sections instead with these handy expanding drawer dividers. You get two dividers, each of which can expand to fit drawers as large as 18 inches deep. Reviewers absolutely love this product, writing that the dividers are easy to install, stay firmly in place, and make organizing drawers a breeze.

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Interlocking Drawer Boxes with Adjustable Dividers

One common complaint about in-drawer organizers is that they tend to shift around if there’s extra room in the drawer. You can solve that issue with these simple adjustable drawer organizers, though, as they interlock to create one unit. Plus, each box contains an adjustable divider to help you keep your KonMari-folded clothes in upright position.

Budget-Friendly Foldable Cloth Boxes

This set of six fabric boxes is a deal. Each of the containers folds up for easy storage when not in use, and the various sizes allow you to stash all kinds of belongings in a neat, organized manner. Just make sure your drawers are pretty deep if you decide to buy this set, as each box is more than 5 inches tall.

Lovely Linen Drawer Organizers

For a sophisticated storage solution, you can’t go wrong with these linen drawer organizers from The Container Store. There are four sizes to choose from, so you can mix and match according to your needs, and each one is finished with a beautiful cream-colored linen fabric. Plus, these organizers have close to a 5-star rating from dozens of happy reviewers.

Understated Acrylic Boxes

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. These plain acrylic drawer organizers come in three sizes, and they have a 3-inch deep design that makes them perfect for organizing shirts, underwear, ties, accessories, and more. Be warned, though: You might love them so much that you buy more for other areas of your home!

A Cloth Bin Set with Built-in Dividers

This product is a bestseller on Amazon, and we can see why. The set of foldable drawer organizers comes with four pieces, each of which is designed to help you organize certain articles of clothing. One box is perfect for bras, while another has a grid of small compartments for socks or underwear. If you want an easy way to organize your clothing drawer, this is it.

Chic Wooden Drawer Storage Boxes

Trying to use less plastic in your life? Then you’ll love these bamboo storage boxes. There are three sizes to choose from, and we love that they have a little opening in the front for easy access to the contents. Plus, you can’t deny they’re incredibly chic—they’d give any drawer a luxurious feel.

A Special Solution for Undergarments

Bras are notoriously hard to store, as they’re a weird shape and you don’t want to mess up their underwiring by twisting them. Leave it to The Container Store to offer the perfect bra-storage solution with this five-section bra organizer. The flexible material is easy on delicate fabrics, and it can store up to 10 bras.

Do you have a favorite storage box? Let us know about it below!
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