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15 Very Pretty Amazon Home Goods That Won’t Break the Bank

For every room in the house.

February 20, 2020
Photo by James Ransom

As a serial renter—I must be on my tenth apartment by now—I’m always itching for new pieces of furniture and decor to “complete” the space. And while I’m fully willing to invest in certain pieces I know I’ll keep for the long haul, when it comes to space-specific finishings (hi, pendant lights that won’t look right in my next place) or swanky-looking statement pieces to offset my more classic, timeless items, I’m all about turning to Amazon for affordable finds.

Yes, Amazon. There are lots of awesome home products on the site. No matter your style, you can find expensive-looking decorations for wallet-friendly prices—and they just might make it into your permanent collection. Here are a few of my favorites for every room of the house (psst: all are under $150!).

Bathroom Products

1. Mosaic-Clad Bathroom Accessories

If your old plastic toothbrush holder has seen better days, consider investing in a set of new bathroom accessories like these stylish glass mosaic ones. The four-piece set comes with a soap dispenser pump, a toothbrush holder, a tumbler, and a soap dish, and each piece has a Paris-inspired design. Oui, oui!

Photo by Amazon

2. Acrylic Makeup Organizer

I suspect Marie Kondo would approve of this four-piece makeup storage system. It has spots for all your cosmetics, from lipsticks and nail polish to brushes and eyeshadow palettes. The sleek clear design will look right at home on your vanity or bathroom counter, and it will also help reduce clutter. Plus, you can always use the little compartments for cotton balls, hair pins, and other bathroom essentials.

3. Farmhouse Ruffled Shower Curtain

For just over $20, you can give your bathroom a pretty much instant upgrade with this farmhouse-inspired shower curtain. Machine washable and made from long-lasting material, this ruffled shower curtain adds a clean, bright touch that'll work with just about any existing decor.

Kitchen Products

4. Hanging Lights

You can instantly upgrade your kitchen with a set of hanging lights, and these gold, modern pendants are stunning. They’d look amazing hanging over a kitchen island, especially if there are other gold fixtures around the room. You could also use them over your kitchen table, or breakfast nook—anywhere you want to add a touch of glamour.

Photo by Amazon

5. Stick-On Wallpaper for An Accent Wall

Real reclaimed wood can be pricey, but it makes for a fabulous rustic accent wall. If you want the look without the price tag, check out this self-adhesive distressed wood wallpaper, which is just $20 a roll. Reviewers say it’s easy to work with and makes a perfect addition to farmhouse decor. Plus, you can use it to “refinish” a small set of drawers, or a bookshelf. And if distressed wood isn't the look you're going for, there are tons of other patterns and prints to choose from, like white marble or tropical leaves.

6. Pull-Down Sink Faucet

This style of pull-down kitchen faucet is quite popular right now, especially when paired with a farmhouse sink, but the hardware often costs several hundred dollars. This model has all the features you’re looking for—including a separate stream spout—for a fraction of the price.

7. Mounted Floating Shelves

Create extra storage while adding a rustic-chic touch to your kitchen with these mounted floating shelves that are a lot more budget-friendly than they look. Use the open shelving to store your prettiest plates and bowls, [glassware], or even air-tight glass jars filled with staples like flour, rice, coffee, and more.

8. Modern Leather Barstools

These simple barstools made with vintage PU leather make a stylish-yet-durable addition to a bar or island in your kitchen. Bonus: If you decide you really like their style, you can also invest in the dining-chair version, which would feel right at home at a big table or even a desk in your home office.

Living Room Products

9. Arched Floor Lamp

I’ve always found lights to be hard to shop for, but the next time I need a space-maximizing floor lamp, I’ll opt for this slim reading light with smooth arches. It’s the perfect lamp to tuck behind a chair or the couch, and it comes in a variety of colors, including chrome, rose gold, gold, and plain black.

Photo by Amazon

10. Sturdy Industrial Coffee Table

Coffee tables should be just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Take this wood and metal design from Amazon: It’s made from an iron frame and has a metal grid shelf where you can put storage baskets and board games. The top has a warm-toned wood-like finish that lends a rustic vibe to your home.

11. Bohemian Distressed Area Rug

Finding a reasonably priced area rug is no simple task—and if you've ever shopped for one before you already know, the bigger the rug, the bigger the price tag. Somehow, this top-rated area rug with a colorful geometric design clocks in at under $150 for a 6'7" x 9'2" size.

Bedroom Products

12. Antique-Inspired Bedside Table

This vintage-y accent cabinet is simply beautiful, and it would work well as a nightstand. You can open the cabinet door to store items on the shelf inside, and reviewers say it’s high quality, and easy to assemble.

Photo by Amazon

13. Footstool

Snag this incredibly elegant velvet footstool for an unbeatable price (aka under $50). The plush seat and gold base make this product look a lot more luxe than it actually is, and since it’s only 15 inches high, it would even make a good addition to a bedroom—use it as a chair in front of a low vanity or mirror.

Dining Room Products

14. Cast-Iron Tea Set

This Japanese-style tea set is both functional and beautiful. The cast-iron tea pot comes with a tea infusers, a trivet, and four matching tea cups. It’s the perfect centerpiece to bring out next time you’re hosting—as well as to use on a daily basis when you’re craving a cup of tea.

15. Velvet Chairs

You’ll feel like you’re dining in a fancy restaurant when you sit down on these modern [velvet dining chairs]( While they’re a bit pricey, you do get two chairs—and it’s something of a steal considering one standard dining room chair can typically run you over $100. The backs have an elegant stitched diamond pattern, and you can choose from several colors, such as blush pink, aqua, and gray.

Do you have a favorite fancy-looking Amazon home product? Let us know in the comments.

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