This stand takes the cake.

Throw the tea party of your dreams and bedeck this vintage-inspired stand with scallop-frosted cakes, sprinkle-covered cupcakes, and fruit-stuffed tarts. Each cake stand is made in Ohio at Mosser Glass, a family-owned company that uses decades-old glass molds and splashy colors to breathe new life into classic designs.

The stand is available in three sizes: 6”, 10” and 12". The 6” is adorably miniature, perfect for a cupcake or two. (Or use it on your dresser with a couple pillar candles!) The 10” is just the right size for most of your standard cakes and pies (as of late, we’re obsessed with this Tahini Mousse Pie). And the 12"...well, we'll just say it'll hold up under your tallest birthday creations. Not much of a baker? Pile a mountain of donuts on it. Instant dessert.