Oatmeal Cookies Grow Up, Have a Steady Income & Go to Bed at a Regular Hour

They even have a tailor.

June 27, 2019

Imagine oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies had a baby together. Now that baby has a steady income with a modest amount of savings, occasionally goes to bed at a reasonable time, and has a tailor (or at least knows someone who has a tailor). Enter these double chocolate oatmeal cookies with cranberries—a slightly more "grown-up" version of a chocolate chip oatmeal one.

My thought process for this recipe began with the classic oatmeal cookie, but then I wanted to add chocolate (because duh). And in the classic case of me being extra, I opted for two forms of chocolate: cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate. Dutch-process cocoa powder adds a smoother, slightly earthier flavor than its natural counterpart (though natural cocoa powder does work in this recipe), and it gives the dough a much deeper color. When it comes to the pieces of chocolate, I suggest baking wafers in the recipe, which are essentially large, flat chocolate chips, but you can use whatever shape you're able to find.

I originally wanted to use dried cherries to replace the raisins, but it turns out that they are not quite as easy to find as I thought. So instead this recipe calls for dried cranberries, which give a much needed tartness to balance the sweetness of this cookie. And in lieu of cinnamon as the warming spice ever present in oatmeal raisin cookies, I opt for ground cardamom, which lends an herbal, citrusy note.

The end result gives you the ultimate chocolate fix: This cookie is chewy, decadent, and my new standard against which all other chocolate oatmeal cookies will be judged.

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“The dried montemorency cherries from Trader Joe’s are incredible paired with dark chocolate chunks.”
— Hannah

You're welcome.

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Hannah February 16, 2020
The dried montemorency cherries from Trader Joe’s are incredible paired with dark chocolate chunks.
Smaug June 27, 2019
If you really want to, Trader Joe has dried cherries.