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7 Products From IKEA's 2020 Catalog We're Obsessing Over

Just don't lose any sleep over it.

August  2, 2019
Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me crankier than a bad night's sleep. Well, that and the times my grocery rearranges its aisles. There's little sway I have over neighborhood retail, but I probably have more control over the quality of my sleep than I realize.

Or do I? I take myself to bed on time (give or take), put my phone as far away from me as is humanly possible to still hear the alarm go off, and have made temperature regulation a scientific quest—and I'm still not the best sleeper.

It was after one of those fitful nights that the latest IKEA catalog got dropped off at my desk (OK, inbox)—and, like a cruel joke, it's dedicated entirely to the joys of great sleep. IKEA has decided that what the world needs most right now is “lovely, life-affirming sleep"—naturally, I frantically read through the pages.

The Gjöra bed comes untreated and unpainted, so you can let your creative genius fly. Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

Turns out that sleep has as much to do with physical rest as it does with a mental reset—and how your home supports that . Do you have a quiet corner for power naps? Does your home allow you to channel your creative energy? And can you do something about those city noises that seep in? (Several "aha" moments ensued for me.)

The catalog is full of the bigger ideas on how to create inviting, comforting, and clutter-free spaces—and the pieces that help you achieve that: blackout blinds, hardworking beds, smart lighting, and lots of cozy furnishings (perfect to load up for fall).

Keep your eyes peeled for the new products as they start rolling into stores this month, but in the meantime, enjoy a little preview.


Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

A recliner that's perfect for sitting and reading, leaning back and watching television, or lying flat and napping. It's also a "sleep-supportive" piece if there ever was one—we can already imagine the hours of daytime snoozing. Plus, everyone could use a light brown–pink armchair.

SYMFONISK Table Lamp with WiFi Speaker

Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

Like IKEA says, "Just about everything in life is better with sound." And adding warm lighting to the mix? Genius. This collaboration with speaker giant Sonos delivers a great-looking lamp that's also great-sounding, and it's exactly the kind of mood-boosting dynamo we were looking for.

ODDLAUG Sound absorbing panel

Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

In a noisy city these sound absorbing panels will be your very best friend (along with every previously annoying neighbor). Sound dampening is a new area for IKEA; it has previously tackled air pollution, and this is its very first take on noise pollution. The best part about these panels is that they can be hung anywhere, and it really helps that they look sculptural.

NIKKEBY 4-drawer dresser

Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

Every home needs a mood-enhancing chest of drawers. Designed by IKEA with a "shared, spunky, urban pad" in mind, this unique set of drawers will bring uniqueness as well as function to your storage needs.

FLOTTEBO Sleeper sofa

Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

Is it a sofa? A chaise? A bed? It's all of the above—aka a space for everything in your life. Just move around the cushions to make this sofa comfy for sitting on, lying down, or catching up with a friend. While the sofa design isn't new, it now comes in a spunky purple, and that's an update we think is worth calling out.

VITVAL Bunk & loft beds

These new bunk and loft beds are a great solution for apartments short on space (aren't they all?). Designed for kids, but sturdy enough for adults, they give you the option of several different structural combinations—plus, an optional attached desk.

Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

Lubban serving cart

Photo by IKEA U.S.A.

Whether you use it as a bedside table, or wheel it out with cocktails for guests, this versatile rattan (so on-trend) storage cart will become one of your favorite pieces at home. Plus, we all know the restful benefits of bringing nature into your home.

What do you think of IKEA's newest catalog so far? Tell us below!

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Written by: Arati Menon

Arati grew up hanging off the petticoat-tails of three generations of Indian matriarchs who used food to speak their language of love—and she finds herself instinctually following suit. Life has taken her all across the world, but she carries with her a menagerie of inherited home and kitchen objects that serve as her anchor. Formerly at GQ and Architectural Digest, she's now based in Brooklyn.


Richard D. October 27, 2019
"In a noisy city these sound absorbing panels will be your very best friend (along with every previously annoying neighbor). " Sound-absorbing​ and sound blocking are two very different things and use different materials, these won't block sound from a neighbor but may reduce sound transmission TO your neighbor.
NancyFromKona September 13, 2019
I just moved our daughter to LA and into her first apartment so I spent so much time looking at their merchandise I became almost fluent in IKEA! We did 6000 steps in the Burbank store which a staff member proudly told us is their US flagship location, the biggest in the US. From the new catalogue the Tranaro is very clever: a bright red stool/side table, in/outdoor piece that if one buys two forms an oval coffee table. For the cook you should look at Grundvattnet colander which is genius and at $5.99 a steal: a long rectangle that fits over the sink so you never have to worry that the water you are draining off will flush back (and ends the ‘why is the sink always full of dirty dishes when I need to strain something’ moments). Super handy too as a small drying rack. I also toted back to Hawaii the elegant glass Trygg serving bowl imaging how beautiful a salad will look in it and a dozen small cutting boards with handles that will be a hit at the next dinner party. I pine for their dill and sesame crackers...
Kaye L. August 9, 2019
Where is the black bedframe in the first photo from? Is that IKEA as well? Swoom!
Arati M. August 9, 2019
Hi Kaye. It IS! Check out the new catalog (linked in the story). Enjoy your new bed frame ;)