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August 19, 2011


First they faced off over rice pudding, then hot toddies -- it's time for another A&M Smackdown! Will Merrill win yet again or will Amanda restore her good name? This time, they're battling over peaches, in pie or tart form, and we want to see yours too. Though A&M have already claimed the finalist slots (the perks of being the founders, you know?), we'll still be scouting for Editors' Picks.

So, between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Peach Pie or Tart! To enter yours, go here.

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Photo by James Ransom



Helen's A. August 19, 2011
So this isn't really a contest, right? I don't get it.
Amanda H. August 19, 2011
The voting will be between Merrill's and my tarts. BUT we'll still be selecting and celebrating editors' picks, so you can enter recipes for that!
Helen's A. August 19, 2011
Aha! Thanks Amanda. Too bad that we can't go head to head with the two of you!
Kitchen B. August 19, 2011
I'll be dreaming and longing for peaches....from sunny and wet Nigeria! Sigh....still, looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing with them!
beyondcelery August 19, 2011
Oh man, I'm excited!
aargersi August 19, 2011
Me too! Hurry everyone! This is really about the end of peaches here this summer - might get some at the farmer's market tomorrow then it's over
Sarah P. August 19, 2011
I am ALL OVER THIS! Last Saturday I won second place in the WV State Fair Pie contest with my Peach Bourbon Pecan Crumb Pie! Stay tuned A&M! I'm comin' to get ya! :)