What Comes After 52?

August 26, 2011
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As some of you have probably noticed and started scratching your heads about, we've come to the end of Week 52 of Year 2, meaning we've created two whole cookbooks together as the Food52 community (the first one will hit store shelves October 25th and the second a year after that -- more on this soon!).

But what does that mean for next week? If we aren't building a cookbook, what are we doing, exactly? Well, in the past two years, Food52 has stayed true to its roots as a site that crowd-sources and curates recipes -- and, most importantly, celebrates great cooks -- but it has grown into much more than that. It's a living, and thriving, food community online (and from time to time, in person) -- one that is unlike any other. We share recipes, and test each other's recipes. We help each other out of cooking pickles and debate the top stories in food news. And we're not going anywhere.

We have a lot in store this fall, but for our next, most immediate trick, we want to try something a little different. We'd like to build a holiday iPad app together over the next couple months -- which means we would see the results of our collective efforts by this coming holiday season.

So you'll start to notice our contest themes thinking ahead a bit, with festive holiday entertaining in mind. First up: Your Best Greens.

We'll also be switching up our contest schedule slightly -- now contests will run a bit longer, but we'll also be photographing more of our tested Editors' Picks, bringing back Wildcard winners and, in between contests, there will be more ways for you to get involved.

We're excited about all of these changes, and there's more where they came from. Stay tuned and keep cooking with us -- here's to the next 52!

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Allison C. October 28, 2011
Love this idea! And as others here have noted... you just bolstered my argument for an iPad. (Though I hope you will in fact do Android, too, so the app can be used by the greatest number of people.)
Sasha (. October 14, 2011
I'm looking forward to a user-built app. Sounds very groundbreaking to me... Congrats on all the great changes.
Susan R. September 14, 2011
I LOVE this website and am looking forward to using my iPad more and more.
jjpete September 13, 2011
I'm reading this on an iPad, too. Hooray and can't wait for the app!
cookinginvictoria September 2, 2011
Great news and what a wonderful project! Count me in as one of the home cooks who didn't think she needed an ipad until now, LOL. Just wanted to ask about the new contest deadlines. I thought that the ipad contests would run for a little longer? Or will they conclude in six days like the cookbook contests?
The H. August 30, 2011
I own an award winning restaurant in London, UK called the Hackney Pearl. I'm thrilled to have stumbled across this website with thoughtful writing and quality seasonal recipes. Most community recipe websites are terrible. This one is fantastic. Thank you.
Author Comment
Food52 August 29, 2011
Thanks, JMarie, for your lovely comment! Everyone who participates in and runs this site works incredibly hard, and we try to do all we can to publicly recognize the efforts and great talents of both food52 members and staff.
JMarie August 29, 2011
It's a pleasure. Being a foodie doesn't mean I know what to make for dinner. I have shelves of cookbooks, but Food52's energy and delight make for inspiration. And every time I have brought a Food52 dish to a gathering there are always great reviews and requests for the recipe. So thank you all!
boulangere August 29, 2011
Who profits? We all do, all in different ways. I think it's fantastic that the site has evolved to the point that it sustains those of you who clearly work very hard to not only maintain it, but grow it as well. I hope you're lots of virtual rounds of applause right now. Because of your work and the vision behind it, we all profit à table from the work participants devote generously, so generously to contributing their own best, well, work. Thank you so much.
JMarie August 29, 2011
Food52 is community organizing at its best. I salute these talented writers and cooks who have used technology to celebrate the diversity of fresh and local food. I hope there are financial and goodwill gains for them - and yes that means profit. And we have profited from their work; their willingness to organize and communicate benefits us all. I'm ready to download!
jlsm August 29, 2011
Where are the profits going? Great about crowd sourcing and great about the use of various technologies. And, yes, I understand you all put an enormous amount of work into this. But I can't help but think you all are profiting from others' work.
creamtea September 1, 2011
We are all willing participants; no one is forced to contribute! And recipes remain the "property" of those posting. A win for everyone, in my opinion. It's nice to be recognized and appreciated as a home cook. celebrity chefs are so very overrated.
Panfusine September 2, 2011
Second Cream tea... The intellectual rights of all the recipes is retained with the contributor... the reward is the incomparable exposure to dishes from the world over that is impossible to get from any individual book.
cheese1227 September 2, 2011
Just one point of clarification, I believe that if your recipe wins and is included in one of the projects, the copyright is owned by Food52. That said, the value of the prizes is HUGE compensation for one recipe!
Author Comment
Food52 September 2, 2011
If your recipe wins, you still retain the right to reprint it yourself anywhere you please -- it's a shared copyright.
cheese1227 September 2, 2011
I understand the personal use thing (which covers posting it on a blog, right?), but I as the developer can't sell it to another publication, correct?
Author Comment
Food52 September 2, 2011
As the owner of the recipe, you have the right to sell your own original content (not including our photos or headnotes) to another publication, or to publish it on your own. (We hold a non-exclusive copyright.)
cheese1227 September 2, 2011
I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification. So then the kitchen bling is just an added bonus to the spot in the plubished Food52 project! Excellent!
napamat August 28, 2011
bigpan August 28, 2011
Have a contest to name the app ! (and maybe even a contest for the app icon design)
ironstring August 28, 2011
I hope you'll make the app Android-accessible? The iPad is neat, no doubt about it, but some of us just can't handle the price tag and have less expensive, Android devices.
Sarah D. August 28, 2011
What a great idea but please develop an app for android devices while you are at it!
Food O. August 28, 2011
Yes, yes, an IPAD app!!
Barbara S. August 28, 2011
what is the exact name of the app. please.
Barbara S. August 28, 2011
What is the exact name of app. please
Merrill S. August 29, 2011
We don't have one yet, but we'll let you know when we do!
cookease August 28, 2011
How;s about doing the new app (GREAT IDEA) so that those of us left in the Windows world could be apart of it?? You DO have the most interesting/useful site!
Anitalectric August 27, 2011
Exciting news! CHEERS
boulangere August 26, 2011
I may just have to break down and get that iPad I've been lusting after, in my heart.
gzalis August 26, 2011
I'm reading this on my iPad.....through FLIP (an app for iPad). Great you'll have your own app soon!