11 Organizers So Clever You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without Them

Did we say life-changing? We did.

December 27, 2022
Photo by Rocky Luten

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Every once in a while, an organizational product comes along that actually increases your quality of life. It seems that too often, the products we purchase to facilitate our more-organized lives end up falling short somehow, so there are only a select few that break through into can’t-live-without territory. I live for these things, almost as much as I live for new seasons of The Great British Baking Show. Perhaps if you invest in one of these items, you’ll be as shocked and happy as each season's star contestant when they win another challenge.

Photo by Calpak

1. A five-Piece Packing Cube Set, $68

Packing cubes: not just for luggage anymore. I’ve used smaller packing cubes to section off drawers and shove things under my bed (they’ve got handles!) and they’re great at corralling things in car trunks—jumper cables, spare sweatshirts, and first aid supplies.

Photo by Rocky Luten

2. A Wireless Charging Tray, $175

Lost keys? Dead phone? Never heard of them. This little tray is the perfect home for your wayward keys, AirPods, and the mail you keep forgetting to bring with you out the door. It's comfortable taking up residency in your entryway or kitchen counter, it all just depends on where you're most likely to pass by it.

Photo by Simplehuman

3. A Dual-Compartment Trash Can, $199.99

As someone whose recycling can is a Trader Joe’s paper bag, I find myself wishing I purchased the double version of this trash can every day. I have the rose gold singular one, and it’s sleek and effective, but I wish I had gone with this dual-compartment one.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

4. A Magnetic Refrigerator Rack, $52

Super strong magnets keep this rack clinging onto the fridge; a perfect way to maximize the outside of the fridge as a storage zone. Now fridge-adjacent things like garlic and olive oil have a place to live.

Photo by Rocky Luten

5. A Storage Cart That'll Fit Anywhere, $79

The benefits of this wee-but-mighty storage cart are quite clearly spelled out in the name. It fits all kinds of stuff and can sit in the oft-forgotten places of your home, like the space between the fridge and counter, or toilet and wall.

Photo by The Container Store

6. A Place for Your Food Storage containers, from $16.49

The. Worst. Things. To. Store. Ever. While I can’t promise anything will keep your storage containers totally organized, this wire mesh organizer is a good bet.

Photo by Umbra

7. A Mini Storage Box, $44.95

This little box has multiple hidden compartments—kind of like a scavenger hunt for your stuff—but in a good, organized way!

Photo by Yamazaki Home

8. An Expandable Countertop Rack, $79

This customizable shelf for your miscellaneous kitchen goods gives you a clear view of everything you frequently use without sacrificing design and organization.

Photo by Openspaces

9. A Shelf-Height Solve, $36

Something that drives me nuts about renting is my inability to change the configuration of the shelves in my kitchen cabinets. The disparity in shelf height can actually result in inefficient usage of storage space, and in a place where every inch counts, shelf risers are a must.

Photo by Rocky Luten

10. A Laundry Closet Necessity, $59

If you’re low on laundry room space, you’re just like the rest of us. I’m so low on laundry room space, in fact, that I don’t even have one. But if I did, I’d want to maximize every inch of it, with this magnetic storage rack.

Photo by iDesign

11. A Turntable Made From Recycled Plastic, from $9.91

I’ve heard The Home Edit wax poetic about these clear turntables more times than I can count, and I’ve seen them pop up in truly every pantry before and after this year. From spices and olive oil to a giant collection of hot sauce, these babies keep them all within reach.

This post was updated in December of 2022 with new home storage hacks.

Has an organizational item ever changed your life? Tell us about it in the comments!
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