We Still Can’t Stop Thinking About the Gold Wine Glasses on 'Love Is Blind'

Plus, where you can buy them.

February 24, 2022
Photo by Netflix

Well, we’re here again: The finale of Love is Blind Season 2. Two years after the premiere of the first season on Netflix, we’re waiting to see if a new crop of poorly matched and ill-fated couples will make it out of the self-proclaimed “experiment.” And by “make it out,” I of course mean get married just weeks after meeting their partner for the first time. It’s a bonkers concept for a television show, and while this season has been altogether less captivating than the first, I’m still waiting with bated breath to see what will come of these hopeless (truly, hopeless) romantics.

While of course I’m wondering what will become of the fat-phobic Shake (and his undeservedly lovely fiancée, Deepti), or the insufferable Shayne (and his red-flag-ignoring fiancée, Natalie), there’s something else that’s been on my mind… the golden goblets.

Have you noticed them? These mule mug-adjacent, opaque, metallic wine glasses make an appearance in multiple episodes of Love Is Blind: clutched by Shaina in the pods, in the hands of every cast member at a Chicago beach party, and most egregiously, being used by Jarette for coffee in the morning…

"I am obsessed with Love Is Blind,” says our marketing manager, Danielle, “and the fact that they managed to drink from Game of Thrones goblets throughout the entire show and no one mentioned it once blows my mind."

“Those gold goblets should’ve died with the Roman Empire,” insists Home52 editorial lead, Arati. “They drove me NUTS, especially because they were the most consistent prop on the show.”

So why the opaque, gold glassware? Is it because they’re shatterproof, preventing potential injuries related to over-imbibing? Or is it because they didn’t want us to see just how much red wine Shayne was slinging back? Or is it some kind of subliminal marketing ploy, keeping Big Metallic Drinkware in business?

The other thing is… they’re not super attractive? My bar cart houses several mule mugs, so I’m not opposed to metallic vessels, but stemmed wine glasses don’t seem to need a gold variety. Are the clear glass ones not enough?

As it turns out, it all boils down to something really quite boring: continuity. By using opaque drinkware, editors are able to splice different scenes together without giving away a difference in drink level. It’s all just a bit of TV magic.

And, okay, I will admit I was given a set as a we’re-obsessed-with-Love-Is-Blind birthday gift in 2020, and I now treasure them. They’ll be making an appearance this evening along with some Annie’s mac and cheese and iced Sauvignon Blanc. See? I have absolutely no place judging anyone.

If you’re intent on having them around for a rewatch viewing party, or simply want to channel your inner “content creator,” we've gathered some ideas for where you can purchase similar chalices. While the exact ones (confirmed by a LIB producer) are currently sold out, the glasses below are some really solid backups... just like Kyle is to Shaina.

But if metal's not your thing, consider these beauties:

Were you, too, totally thrown off by the gold goblets? Weigh in below.

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This article was updated in February 2022 with the new season of Love is Blind.

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Emma B. March 10, 2020
YES! Thank you. There has to be some production reason. I was first obsessed with the metallic tumblers on Disney+ Encore and was sad to find no internet commentary to join.
Scott D. March 11, 2020
My guess is it’s to help prevent continuity problems in the edit room. If the volume of the wine was fluctuating between takes we’d notice the edits.
Denise H. March 17, 2020
Yes! Agree, has to be editing reason. I was too curious to not search and find this article, glad I am was t the only one :)
Eric K. March 6, 2020
How dare you take my Timothée Chalamet beat. There is only one King, and only one Queen.
smilemMr555 March 5, 2020
I absolutely hate drinking out of metal mugs, glasses etc. It's the old fear of aluminum foil on a filling.
Alex E. March 5, 2020
I can't thank you enough for writing this. This is essential, timeless content if I ever did see it. You've left the Internet a better place than you found it. #Bless you.