18 Storage Hooks That Make Clutter Look Good

If there is a better tidy-up tool, we haven't met it.

April 28, 2020
Photo by Ren Fuller

Now more than ever, home is where many of us are seeking refuge and solace in light of the novel coronavirus. This is a tough time, but we’re here for you—whether it’s a new pantry recipe or a useful tip for your kitchen, here are some ideas to make things run a little more smoothly for you and your loved ones.

Sheltering in place during the pandemic has made one thing very clear: clutter is maddening. And it’s everywhere.

We can all agree it’s hard to concentrate on work/kids/a sourdough starter when all you want to do is organize the giant stack of mail that’s piled up on your kitchen counter or your poorly packed, overflowing pantry. While decluttering your entire house is a major project that’s going to take time and strategy there are a few achievable home projects you can tackle right now.

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One solution that helps minimize mess in minutes is simply putting up hooks. For those strapped on space these utilitarian and timeless tools organize everything from coats and bags to brooms and skateboards by utilizing vertical square footage. They come in all sorts of chic shapes and materials, are affordable, and—the best part!— they’re easy to install. No contractor or no major time commitment is needed to put up a hook. Ahead, we picked out some of our favorite designs for the key cluttered hotspots in your home. May they bring some much needed sanity into your space.

For the Entryway

1. Wood Coatrack Dots, (Design Within Reach)

Photo by Design Within Reach

The beauty of these award-winning dot hooks, designed by Tveit & Tornøe for Muuto, is they can be arranged however you want. Customise your pattern based on your space and needs, e.g. place some lower down on a wall for little ones to reach.

2. Maple Shaker Peg Rack, (The Container Store)

A shaker peg rail truly is the ultimate entryway organizer. The simple-yet-genius tool, made of a long piece of wood and rounded pegs, holds tote bags, leashes, coats, scarves, wicker baskets to corral mail, and more. The timeless design works with just about any aesthetic. Get one in black for a more modern look or go with natural wood for an airy feel.

3. Sir | Madam Stile Liberty Brass Hook (Food52)

Photo by Food52

And that’s how you make an entrance. The entryway sets the tone of your home so might as well add some wow factor. This sculptural solid brass duck hook makes a statement from the start.

4. Hay U Shape Hook, (MoMA Store)

Art object or wall hook? This sinuous, statement-making piece, created from a single strip of Ash wood, is handsome enough for a foyer or even the living room.

5. Double J Hook, (Rejuvenation)

This sleek hook, constructed from solid brass, lets you hang two items at once making it even more efficient for tight spaces.

6. Menu Modern Circle Wall Hook, (Food52)

Photo by Food52

The gold dot in this mostly black piece is perfect for those who love a little glam in their lives. Even better: the well-designed hook can be hung vertically or horizontally and has cleverly hidden screws adding to the seamless and sleek design.

For Your Bedroom

7. Futagami Zenmai Brass Hook, (Rikumo)

Finally stop tossing your clothes on the chair, over the hamper, or on your bed with the help of some pretty hooks. These soft gold brass hooks are understated yet special. They’ll motivate you to keep your sanctuary tidy.

8. Fontane Marble Wall Hooks, (Design Within Reach)

Photo by Design Within Reach

Nothing elevates a space like marble. This set, designed by Elisa Ossino for Salvatori, comes in three sizes to hang everything from your heavier coats and jeans to lighter dresses and scarves.

9. 4-Piece Currency Hook Set, (CB2)

The notched design of these industrial hooks—handcast in solid aluminum and in a mix of sleek metal finishes—is perfect for holding jewelry or silky robes. We can see them hanging besides a dresser displaying necklaces that can double as wall art.

10. Hanger Rack in Metal, (H&M)

Photo by H&M Home

If you were all about the millennial pink trend these hooks will fit right into your decor mix. Regardless, they add a soothing feminine vibe to the place.

For Your Kid’s Room

11. Scout Regalia Wall Hooks, (Scout Regalia)

These sweet wall hooks come in fun colors like fern green and salmon pink but their nostalgic design reminds us of summer camp—perfect to keep your scouts' belongings in check.

12. Eames Hang-It-All, (Design Within Reach)

Photo by Design Within Reach

If you want kids to participate in tidying up, make it fun. This iconic and whimsical design by Charles and Ray Eames is perfect for backpacks, PJs, toys, and more.

For the bathroom

13. Sin Handmade Uni Wall Hook (Food52)

Photo by Ty Mecham

These gorgeous earthy hooks, handmade from clay, have a unique coil design. Use them to hold towels in your bathroom or to wow guests in the powder room.

14. Schoolhouse Electric J Hook, (Schoolhouse)

These elegant-yet-commanding hooks, made of solid brass, are like the jewelry of a room. They even make drying towels a little more exciting.

15. Liberty Traditional Triple Robe Hook, (Amazon)

If you lean more towards a traditional style, this classic triple prong hook is perfect for holding your cozy robe in the bathroom or coat and hat in the hallway.

For the Kitchen

16. Tosca Magnet Hook, (West Elm)

Small-space dwellers know it’s all about creative solutions like this genius magnetic hook system. Just place the attractive hooks on your refrigerator and hang essentials like tea towels, measuring spoons—or even an air plant.

17. Lostine Pot Racks, (Food52)

Photo by Ren Fuller

When you’re short on cabinet space in the kitchen a rack with S hooks is the best solution for pots, pans, utensils and more. Plus, they help you show off some of your best cookware and linens.

18. Command Metallic Hooks, (Amazon)

Command hooks have come a long way from basic white plastic. These small and stylish metallic hooks are perfect to place on the inside of cabinet doors to hold hats or dustpans, or even out in the open by the entryway for keys and leashes.

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Top Comment:
“These are some nice hooks, yes, but...affordable? Many of them, not on my budget. Show me a $125 hook and you will see me leaving the store.”
— Queen O.

What's your go-to clutter-busting tool? Tell us in the comments below!

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Tina Chadha

Written by: Tina Chadha


Ernie’s M. August 8, 2020
Nope! Waaay too pricey for me, especially nowadays not working. Please show us things just a amazing but much more affordable.
sharon May 7, 2020
i agree with previous comments- what we need are budget-friendly ideas.
Queen O. April 28, 2020
These are some nice hooks, yes, but...affordable? Many of them, not on my budget. Show me a $125 hook and you will see me leaving the store.
emgoh April 29, 2020
I just can't imagine anyone ever visiting my home and suddenly gasping, remarking "wow! that hook is amazing!" to justify spring so much on a hook. ;)