Under-$30 Bathroom Upgrades That Are Sleek, Stylish & Functional

You don't need a huge budget to give your bathroom a refresh.

January 13, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten. Prop Stylist: Megan Hedgpeth.

We've teamed up with Philips Sonicare to share functional (yet beautiful!) products that'll make your bathroom feel like a brand-new space—without spending a fortune. We're starting by upgrading our toothbrush to the new Philips One by Sonicare. It not only comes in four very cute colors, but it's battery-operated and super portable, thanks to a sleek carrying case you can take just about anywhere.

For a space that gets used multiple times a day, my bathroom isn't a place I think about much, in terms of style and design. On the other hand, I dream about redecorating my living room on a weekly (if not hourly) basis.

Right now, my bathroom is functional for sure—complete with the bath mat, shower curtain, and over-the-toilet storage shelf I picked out three years ago—but it's not exactly an oasis of calm. Nor is it a place where I want to hang out for any more than the few minutes it takes to brush my teeth.

So I recently set out to refresh my bathroom with a few sleek, modern upgrades that would make it feel like a more relaxing, inviting space (think: minimalist candles, gold-accented shelves, and geometric organizing trays). And since my budget was limited, each piece had to cost $30 or less. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Under-$30 Bathroom Upgrades

1. Concrete Scented Candle, $24-26

Unwind after a stressful day with these minimalist concrete candles that'll fit right in, no matter what your existing bathroom decor looks like. They come in a variety of calming aromas—from rose and white musk to soft linen—so pick whichever one speaks to you.

2. Philips One by Sonicare Battery-Operated Toothbrush, $24.99

The new Philips One by Sonicare Battery-Operated Toothbrush is proof that form and function can come together in one tidy package. It comes in four color varieties, with the option to mix-and-match brush heads and handles to create your own custom combo. But this cool minty hue makes me the most excited about rolling out of bed to brush my teeth. As if the modern design (and budget-friendly price tag) weren't reason enough to snag one, it cleans your teeth using SmartTimer technology, micro-vibrations, and contoured bristles for a brighter, whiter smile.

Photo by Rocky Luten. Prop Stylist: Megan Hedgpeth.

3. Darby Half Circle Wall Shelf, $24

This half circle wall shelf is perfect for putting little bathroom trinkets, or perhaps a bit of greenery, on display. It might even be a nice spot to house your new concrete candle.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

4. Pretti.Cool Soap Dish, $24

If you've always thought of a soap dish as an afterthought (or used your bathroom counter as a makeshift one), take a peek at these geometric soap dishes created from custom-made rubber molds. They are, as the name suggests, pretty cool indeed.

Photo by West Elm

5. Marseille Soap Bars, $18

Speaking of soap, give your sudsy situation an upgrade with these hypoallergenic, all-natural bars made in Provence. They're made with minimal ingredients (and never any animal fats) and are available in two different scents.

6. Small Kailedo Tray, $28

Let all your knickknacks, jewelry, and the like hang out in this pink decorative tray. What's neat is that it's available in a ton of other shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can stack them together to make pretty patterns.

Photo by Hay

7. Acrylic Tissue Case, $25

This transparent acrylic tissue case lets you—wait for it—sneeze in style, saving you from plopping a cardboard box straight onto the bathroom counter. The crystal clear option is a safe bet for any bathroom style, but I love the moody vibe of the black smoke color.

8. Reversible Bath Rug, $24.95

Somehow, a new bath mat instantly makes the space feel fresher—especially if the one you've got has been sitting there for a few years (and is looking a little damp and worn). My pick: this reversible bath rug in the silver color. It also comes in white, but knowing me, I'll spill something on it in about two days.

Photo by Crate & Barrel

9. Mini Pedal Waste Bin, $28

I can't stop obsessing over this mini pedal waste bin, with its slim design and angular accents. If it's at all possible for a place where you toss your trash to be cool, this is as close as it gets. It even steps open—hooray for not having to touch the lid!

10. Extra-Small Prospect Planter, $14

Give your bathroom a little bit of life with this extra-small planter that comes in myriad colors, from blush to mint. Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry—these house plants are pretty much impossible to kill.

Photo by The Sill

What upgrades would you add to your bathroom? Tell us in the comments!

Make your bathroom routine your favorite part of the day with these modern-meets-functional upgrades, from geometric soap dishes to the coolest waste bin ever (yep, we're serious). Don’t forget to give your brushing habit a boost while you’re at it with the new Philips One by Sonicare from our friends at Philips Sonicare—so long, manual toothbrush that still leaves grime behind. Not only is it sleek, lightweight, and portable (take it anywhere!), but it also gently cleans and polishes your teeth with the touch of a button.

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