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7 Not-Your-Grandma’s Quilts to Cozy Up With This Winter

And no, they're not memorializing your old T-shirt collection, either.

November 12, 2020
Photo by Louise Gray

Growing up, quilts were a mainstay in my grandma’s house. As soon as the cold weather hit, my Sitto, as we call her (Arabic for grandmother), would break out piles upon piles of plush quilts, layering them over every available surface in her home, from the foot of the bed, to the arms of the couch, and my grandfather’s signature lounge chair. To me, they became synonymous with the type of comfort only a grandparent can bring—a (literal) blanket of warmth enveloping my childhood and one I eagerly sought to carry into my own home as an adult.

But, as cozy as Sitto’s quilts were, stylish they were not. I’m not even sure who made them—it definitely wasn’t her, so rest easy knowing I’m not putting my sweet grandmother on blast over the internet. Like you probably imagine when I say the world “quilt,” hers were a hodge-podge of fabrics and patterns, evoking more a craft-fair vibe than young-city-dweller (hi, that’s me!). Luckily, on my quest to imbue my own home with that childhood comfort, I discovered something refreshing—quilts are cool now, you guys.

The centuries-old practice of quilting (dating back to at least the 1700’s in the United States) has taken on a decidedly modern spin in recent years, thanks to graphic shapes, cool color-blocking, and more sophisticated palettes. Options out there range from bespoke pieces by professional quilting artists, to more accessible versions from the likes of Brooklinen and Pendleton—and, while quilts are definitely a bit more of an investment than your average throw blanket, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. In case you still need convincing, here are some stunners I found in my search for the perfect (modern) quilt.

Photo by Madewell

1. Anchal Organic Cotton Triangle Quilted Throw, $290

Featuring a super-simple pattern and cool contrast stitching, this basic quilt from Madewell is a great entry piece for any buyer. You can use it to add visual interest to your couch or as an added layer on your bed this winter. Bonus: It comes in three shades, so if black and white isn’t your vibe, you can opt for denim blue or yellow instead.

Photo by Marram Designs

2. Retro Spin Quilt, $398

I’m not sure what’s prettier about this next pick, the sunset-inspired color palette or the calming pattern. Naturally dyed using a mix of indigo and tannins, this plush piece is literally a work of art and even comes with hooks sewn into the back should you want to hang it on display instead of wrapping it around yourself on the couch.

Photo by cold picnic

3. Octopus, Octopus Quilt, from $265

If you’re a fan of abstract, Memphis-inspired shapes, you’ll love this quilt from quirky New York-based textile brand Cold Picnic. It combines a cool blue-green-teal palette with organic shapes for a quilt that is sure to get guests talking the next time they swing by.

Photo by Louise gray

4. Harriet Throw Quilt, $295

Handmade by artisans in Minneapolis, MN, this next pick from Louise Gray has a subtle pattern and color palette that just begs for a cozy winter’s night in. Bonus: It’s made using durable cotton and linen, so it’s machine washable should you spill a glass of red wine on it during your next Saturday night Netflix sesh.

Photo by Ty Mecham

5. Hawkins New York Simple Linen Quilt, $395

If you gravitate towards home decor that's a bit more subdued, we have a hunch you'll love this cozy quilt from Hawkins New York. The focus is on texture and comfort, with simple windowpane stitching that emphasizes the plushness of the stonewashed linen. Bonus: There are ten modern shades to choose from, including a sophisticated blush pink and rich rust.

Photo by Vacilando Quilting Company

6. Chisos Quilt, from $350

Perhaps the most graphic of the bunch, this bold beauty is designed and created by the talents at Vacilando Quilting Company, who I have since discovered are major players in the modern quilting game (they have so many awesome options it was honestly hard to pick a favorite!). This specific pattern is actually inspired by the Chisos mountains in Texas and is sure to make your home the peak of style (sorry, had to) no matter which room you use it in.

Photo by lisa corti

7. Leopard Stripes Junior Bedspread, $180

The influence of designer Lisa Corti’s childhood in Africa is on full display in her quilt work, which often couples eye-catching patterns with vibrant colors for a truly unique and bold design. Here, feisty leopard print pairs with demure roses for a combination that would give any grand-millennial heart eyes.

Which do you prefer, the quilts of old or these more modern versions? Weigh in below!

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