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A 'Why Didn't I Think of That?' Way to Put on a Duvet Cover

Plus, three more of our favorite tricks for bedroom linens and storage.

November  3, 2020
Photo by Rocky Luten

My boyfriend and I almost break up every time we wash our duvet cover.

It's an unavoidable chore—and one we probably complete more frequently than the average home-dweller, thanks to my habit of drinking coffee in bed.

But every time our duvet cover comes out of the dryer, it leads to the same meltdown. There's linen fluffing, elaborate corner IDing, and the struggle to determine its short sides from its long sides. And then comes the worst part: actually wedging our droopy duvet into the seemingly unending, limp cover, which involves both of us basically climbing into it, each holding one cover of the duvet, as if about to summit a mountain to plant a flag. (Moments later, we look like a windstorm knocked us over and caused the flag to smother us.)

But then, recently, my boyfriend went out of town—I had to find another way. After all, if I got stuck in there, who would hear my cries for help?

Enter this genius technique:

In a video that appears to have made the internet rounds several years back (I suspect my head was too deep inside a duvet cover to have noticed), you can insert the comforter into the duvet cover in a method that strikingly resembles a giant burrito.

The basic method is this:

  • Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat.
  • Place your duvet on top of the cover.
  • From the sealed end of the inside-out cover, roll the cover and duvet in a tight roll toward the open end.
  • Once there, flip a corner of the roll right-side out. Do this on the other corner, too.
  • Unroll.
  • Feel like a brilliant master of life and celebrate your newfound free time by getting directly into bed.

Feeling inspired? Here are some of our other favorite bedroom hacks:

Two Pillowcases are Better Than One:

If you, too, find that your pillows wear out or get funky more quickly than you’d like, it might be time to switch to a two-pillowcase system. Much like pillow protectors (but much less likely to be stiff or crinkley), a second pillowcase underneath the nice, matching top one will add an extra layer of protection from dirt and germs. The added bonuses for this method? Your pillows will actually appear fluffier and fuller with two pillowcases, and you can prolong the life of old ones by using them as the under layer. Win-win-win.

Ditch the Duvet Cover Altogether

Have you ever noticed that cushy hotel beds actually don’t use duvet covers on the comforters at all? Nope, more often than not, they’re employing the “triple sheeting” method, which instead snuggles the comforter between two top sheets. The benefit for hotels is the ease with which they can quickly change and clean bed sheets, so the staff don’t have to waste time shaking a duvet cover around, tying, buttoning, and smoothing (perhaps we should introduce them to the “burrito” method?). If you’re also sick of battling with the bed each time you make it, try following along with the triple sheeting tutorial here.

Maximize Your Under-bed Storage

The 12+ inches under the bed is smart storage just waiting to happen, but more often than not, baskets and bins are shoved under there with reckless abandon, and things disappear into its dark abyss until it’s time to move out. As a solution for you (okay, for us, too) we compiled the very best methods for maximizing this space, from using your luggage as slide-out bins (handles already included!) to fixing wheels onto existing storage for easier access.

This article was updated in November 2020 to add even more why-didn't-I-think-of-that hacks.

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Ella Quittner

Written by: Ella Quittner

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jack May 17, 2021
This blog is really helpful for how to put on a duvet cover
Anna41 November 18, 2020
I am positively amazed that you would put those wrinkled messes of bed linens on your beds while taping for how to videos. And there is absolutely a proper way to make a bed. If not, why bother?
Karen November 16, 2020
Palm to forehead moment! If you knew the number of beds I have made in my lifetime at home and as a hotel housekeeper. Can't wait to try this tip!
FrugalCat November 15, 2020
Bed Bath & Beyond sells some kind of clips that is supposed to make this process easy. My duvet cover is used empty, here in the tropics, so I have little experience with putting them on a comforter.
Kathy November 15, 2020
I have tried this and failed more times than I can remember. I have since used this method: I cut one side of the duvet cover horizontally in the middle and then serge the cut edges. I put the duvet inside and safety pin the opening shut. Nice and easy.
Rosemarie J. November 15, 2020
I usually stand on my bed and shake the whole thing by two corners to get it filled properly. This looks easier and safer.
Krispyecca November 19, 2019
It took me a couple of tries to get it, and then--I got it! I feel like a wizard!
Linda K. May 19, 2019

White girl problems.
Nancy H. April 21, 2019
It helps to put a safety pin on each bottom corner of the pouf.
Ella Q. April 24, 2019
Good idea! Will try.
witloof April 19, 2019
I learned how to change a duvet cover in Switzerland. You turn the cover inside out and hold it by the farthest corners so that the fabric is over your arms. Then you hold the duvet by the nearest corners and give the cover a really hard shake. Presto! It flies over the duvet!
Sophie H. May 20, 2019
Yes this is the most straight forward method. And to make it even easier, take off the cover so it's inside out, leave it that way for washing .
Sasha B. November 15, 2020
As a student nurse we were taught how to grab a pillow case from the inside out and pull it over the pillow in the same way. But I don't suppose nurses don't make beds anymore.
Nichole April 19, 2019
I’ve been using this technique for years. It’s still amazes me everytime this works!!! Magic! I call it the “sandwich bag method” because when you tuck the ends of the duvet at the very end it reminds me of how we used to tuck sandwich bag ends around a sandwich before ziploc bags became super popular.
Maggie S. April 18, 2019
This dek <3
Bri L. April 18, 2019
Cool. But given this is F52, I’m sure nobody has missed that this not like a burrito since the ends aren’t folded in. More of a crepe...
BerryBaby April 18, 2019
My mother taught us a similar solution (in 1950's) with pillowcases. Turn the case inside out. Grab the two end of a pillow, hold inside out ends and pillow ends, flip case over. Works like a charm.
Ella Q. April 24, 2019
Game changer! Definitely trying this. I hate when the pillow case is just *slightly* too small for the pillow.
JP April 18, 2019
Once the duvet is placed on top of the cover (step 2), why not tie the corners of the duvet to the cover using the provided ties on the corners of the cover?
HalfPint April 18, 2019
Most duvet covers don't have the ties. At least, the ones that I've owned.
ustabahippie April 25, 2019
I buy inexpensive cotton twill tape at the fabric store, sew a piece to the center and corners of one end of my duvet. Then sew corresponding pieces on the inside closed end of my cover(s). Put the cover inside out at end to end with the duvet, tie the ties, and flip the whole thing. Keeps the duvet in place inside too.
ustabahippie April 25, 2019
Why is my comment in one long string into right side infinity and everyone else's in neat paragraphs?
Stephanie P. April 18, 2019
I was lucky enough to learn this when the video first made the rounds, the “burrito method” definitely changed my life too!
Ella Q. April 24, 2019
I feel like a new person.