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October  5, 2011

Your Best Holiday Roast

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Holiday Roast! For more details and to enter the contest, go here.

Photo by William Brinson  

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ChefJune October 6, 2011
Two questions: 1. Are we limited to one "BEST" recipe this week?

2. One recipe I'm considering has more than 2 components. Not sure how I would fit it into the current entry format. Any thoughts?
Kristen M. October 6, 2011
1. No limits!

2. Sorry we don't have the tools yet to allow for 3-part recipes -- you'd probably be best off strategically combining two components, something like this: "The Cake" and "The Frosting and Filling".
ChefJune October 6, 2011
Thanks, Kristen!
SKK October 5, 2011
What a great excuse for a pre-holiday dinner party!
Niknud October 5, 2011
Alas, I am heading to Vermont this week with the family to have some much deserved vacation....will have to sit this one out also. Bummer - I love roasting! Still, friends and family and apple cider and brilliant leaves and lobster and a New Englad boiled dinner will help to dull the pain!
boulangere October 6, 2011
Lucky you - have a wonderful trip and eat a lobster for me!
Bevi October 6, 2011
Enjoy my lovely State!
boulangere October 5, 2011
Are the meat choices limited to only beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey?
Kristen M. October 5, 2011
Nope! Mere suggestions.
boulangere October 5, 2011
Wonderful, thanks so much.
ChefJune October 5, 2011
AHA! You've already got my "best" one -- the lamb in Book One -- but I've got others. Now which one to choose!
aargersi October 5, 2011
Hurrah! I get to roast stuff! Love that. Now to find enough people to eat a turkey and a leg o lamb and a pork shoulder and ....

Panfusine October 5, 2011
Sitting out this one!!