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13 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas You (Yes, You) Can Do

There's practically nothing stopping you from flexing a new power tool skill.

March 23, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten

While gazing at the big empty space behind your home, filling it with DIY patio furniture might not be the first solution that comes to mind, because sure, ordering online is technically easier. But think about it this way: using simple blueprints to piece together your own custom furniture means it’s not only going to be more affordable, but it can also (exactly) match your freshly stained deck and provide you with an unparalleled sense of achievement.

If you’re worried you’re not quite cut out for building furniture, thanks to hours spent laboring over “simple” Swedish designs (you know exactly who we’re looking at), know that these ideas were sourced with you in mind. Plus, we’re willing to bet there are a few stunning DIY projects already gracing your home (hello, custom artwork, lavender sachets and perfectly patched walls!).

So this weekend, put your best Bob the Builder game face on and look forward to laying in the sun on a lounger made by you.

1. Outdoor Sectional

Sleek, simple lines and a sturdy frame are the things patio furniture dreams are made of. This outdoor sectional (yes, they exist) should take all of an afternoon to build.

2. Patio Table

The DIY pro behind this table describes it as “inspired by West Elm,” but the wood and building materials only ran her about $100.

3. Porch Swing

Ok, this one is slightly more advanced and requires an overhang that can support the weight thanks to the whole “hanging” aspect, but if you can recruit a friend, you can get it done together.

4. A Cozy Backyard Couch

A few old pallets and some extra lumber are all it takes to make this couch base, but we highly advise adding a few throw pillows and a cozy blanket to up the comfort factor.

5. Sun Lounger

Just in time for the warmer weather: a lounger built for, well, lounging! We'll see you here with a margarita in hand.

6. Furniture Refresh

Sometimes, all it takes to transform your space is to utilize what you’ve already got and give it a good sprucing up. Here, older patio furniture is given the DIY treatment with some sanding down, a fresh coat of paint, and brand new upholstery.

7. Tiki Bar

No outdoor space is complete without a bar to mix up cold drinks on hot days. This one is painted blue and adorned with rainbow-colored paper flowers, but do whatever you like with the design elements.

8. The Full Set

If you're a committed DIYer and the go-to socially-distanced host, this set is for you. While just made from construction lumber (which you can get at Home Depot), these chairs are surprisingly sleek.

9. Plant Stand

Your leafy potted pals need a space dedicated to them in your stylish new yard, too. Put them on display with this very straight-forward plant stand.

10. Raised Planter Box

Take your green thumb (and building chops) one step further with a planter box that can hold a ton of soil to grow all of summer’s best herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

11. Arm Chair

You have a lovely accent chair in your living room, so why not add one to the seating area of your patio, too? The sloped design here is built for maximum relaxation.

12. Modern Pergola

Take your building game vertical with a pergola from which you can drape bolts of fabric to create a breezy, Mediterranean-feeling oasis. You can also hang string lights across its beams for romantic evenings under the stars.

13. Outdoor Cushions

Now that you’ve got several places to relax, make them more comfortable and welcoming with these plans for outdoor cushions, keeping weather and the elements in mind.

Would you attempt to make your own patio furniture? Give us any tips you might have below!

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