Make This Halloumi Curry While Listening to Our New Podcast

We're friends on either side of the Atlantic that compare notes on everything from breakfast traditions to mango con chile.

“Chickens have earlobes?!” Yes, yes they do. That’s just one of the ways your breadth of food knowledge and food cultures will expand by listening to Either Side Eaters, our new show launching on Food52’s Podcast Network, where we explore food cultures around the world (and literally, from either side of the Atlantic Ocean: Jen is in the U.S., Katie is in Europe).

We’re friends who share a deep curiosity about food and its influence in history, culture, and identity. It’s what has inspired us to create videos online for our global viewers for years now, which is how we became friends in the first place.

After meeting on a video shoot in Los Angeles, we learned that we both lived in New York and ended our initial conversation with the most YouTuber thing to say: let’s collab! And collabing (that’s some “influencer” lingo for you) we did. We shared savory oats and avocado margarita recipes and even competed against each other on Food Network’s Chopped: Web Stars.

Us! On either side of the Atlantic.

Several years later, Jen remained in New York and Katie moved across the pond to London and then Puglia, Italy. During our catch-up calls, we loved talking about similarities and differences in food cultures across Europe and compared to those in the United States. That’s when our curious conversations developed into another type of collab: a podcast.

On this show, we open up our conversations by diving into listener call-ins, exploring the ways in which food has shaped the world and social norms around us, chat with special guests, and share delicious ideas of what to make in your kitchen. We learn that ketchup didn’t always contain tomatoes and what Struggle Meals host Frankie Celenza thinks about ketchup on pizza, how the Italian term cucina povera (or “poor cooking”) is experienced all over the globe, how chef and welfare advocate Sophia Roe believes we should address food insecurity, and so much more.

The first episode is all about halloumi, its complicated history, and why the Brits became obsessed with this cheese with a uniquely high melting point. We also share yummy ways to eat it, like Jen’s Thai-inspired massaman halloumi curry. It’s such a fun way to celebrate this cheese in all of its squidgy gloriousness, and something you can whip up in 30 minutes—the same amount of time it takes to listen to one of our episodes! (And, if you listen to the first episode and, like us, find #CheddarFace to be a compliment not a diss, may we suggest Katie's Cheddar Brownies?)

We’re so excited for you to tune in to Either Side Eaters and hope you’ll enjoy learning, laughing, and cooking along with us.

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“This sounds delicious! I make a fusion of a tikka masala with it (https://www.rachelphipps.com/2020/04/halloumi-tikka-masala.html) - I'm British so of course I have! - and it holds up so well to bold, spicy, creamy sauces.”
— Rachel P.

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Katie Quinn is a video creator, podcast host, and author. She believes that there's a story to be told everywhere and that food connects people. Every week she posts food and travel videos to her YouTube channel, QKatie. Her slogan is Keep It Quirky because she thinks life, both in the kitchen and out of it, is more enjoyable if you don’t take yourself too seriously. “Cheese, Wine, and Bread” is her second book -- she also wrote “Avocados” for the Short Stack Editions.

Jen Phanomrat is the co-founder of Just Eat Life, where she explores and makes all things delicious, cozy, and empowering. Her vibrant creations are influenced by her culturally diverse hometown, Queens, NY, along with Filipino and Thai roots.

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Rachel P. May 6, 2021
This sounds delicious! I make a fusion of a tikka masala with it (https://www.rachelphipps.com/2020/04/halloumi-tikka-masala.html) - I'm British so of course I have! - and it holds up so well to bold, spicy, creamy sauces.