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November 20, 2009

Turkey LeftoversRice

Next week's themes will be (you can enter beginning Monday):

Your Best Recipe for Turkey Leftovers

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Your Best Savory Rice Dish

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Maria T. November 24, 2009
Hi Amanda and Merril, what can I say, rice, rice, rice, I love rice in all sorts of ways and between my native Portuguese origins and Italy I cook more rice dishes then I can think of. I live between Portugal and Italy and rice is alwaysy the big dispute in the family, who makes better rice dishes?! Portuguese food has nerver been on the highlight but I can assure everyone it's one of the tastiest and healthiest of all foods. And I am leaving tomorrow for Portugal for my granddaughter's 7th birthday, so tomorrow I will start on the Portuguese recipes. So you will have me posting all my favourites from Portugal and Italy, boy is it going to be a long rice week!
shayma November 23, 2009
hi amanda and merrill, sorry to be a bother, but could you pl tell me what is the deadline for this submission? and am i correct in understanding that it is only one recipe submission per competition? many thanks, shayma
Amanda H. November 23, 2009
Hi Shayma, the deadline for contest submissions is Friday at midnight ET. And you can submit as many recipes as you want. Hope we'll see you in the next round!
lastnightsdinner November 20, 2009
Ha! I thought to myself last night that I had a feeling there was a rice challenge coming up soon... :)
Amanda H. November 20, 2009
Oh no -- hope we're not becoming predictable...!
lastnightsdinner November 20, 2009
Not at all!
Merrill S. November 20, 2009
We're just all so in sync...