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6 Pieces From Gap Home That Prove Neutrals Don’t Have to Be Boring

From chambray pillows to stone dinnerware, this collab reimagines basics in a special way.

August 16, 2021
Photo by Gap Home

If I mention the iconic Gap brand, it’s not too much of a leap to assume your mind goes straight to a palette of blues and perfectly worn-in denim. And you’d be right—the brand has built itself on the accessible and casual nature that a favorite pair of blue jeans evokes. But, like any brand, Gap also starts trends—in a more accessible and timeless way than most, perhaps, but you can still find of-the-moment pieces, cuts, and colors as what’s in style ebbs and flows.

Earlier this summer, everyone’s favorite denim brand launched Gap Home, an exclusive home decor line at Walmart filled with casual throw pillows, plush bath towels, and even dinnerware. The Gap DNA is distinctly evident throughout the collab, but I love seeing other decor trends rising to the surface—especially textured neutrals that are perfect for layering and adding dimension to any space.

Gap suspended its love of blue (just for a bit!) to bring us neutral pieces made special with an emphasis on fabric, like breezy linen and soft chambray, and reach-out-and-touch-’em textures, like unglazed stoneware, delicate fringe, and cozy quilting. It's proof that foundational, everyday pieces don't have to be boring.

Ready to shop? Here are a few of our favorite Gap Home pieces in all their textured, neutral glory.

1. Gap Home Washed Frayed Edge Organic Cotton Quilt, $54.98+

I’m a sucker for a cozy quilt and this one bottles pretty much all of my favorite things. The sandy khaki combined with plush diamond stitching looks like an heirloom-worthy bed topper, and that price? An absolute steal.

Photo by Walmart

2. Gap Home Yarn Dyed Organic Cotton Window Curtain Pair, $24.98

To me, the image of gauzy curtains swaying in the breeze is just the epitome of a casual, welcoming home. These curtains come in a soft oatmeal shade and boast an ever-so-slight texture thanks to the cross-weave chambray knit. Bonus: they’re just $25 a pair, so you can easily transform a few rooms with their addition.

Photo by Walmart

3. Gap Home Border Knots Decorative Square Throw Pillow, $21.88

Mix up your couch’s look for the season by swapping in this easy-going throw pillow. It combines a go-with-everything hue and a textured “knot” detailing for a cozy yet refined addition to your home’s most-used space.

Photo by Walmart

4. Gap Home 16-Piece Round Stoneware Dinnerware Set, $42.97

Black dinnerware is one of those forever-trends that’s never going to go out of style (thankfully!). This simple collection is especially timeless, thanks to its matte finish and subtle stoneware texture. They even feature unglazed rims, an added textural touch that can easily be dressed up or down for your next dinner party.

Photo by Walmart

5. Gap Home Sculpted Organic Cotton 6 Piece Bath Towel Set, $39.98

Turning your bathroom into a cozy sanctuary is simple with Gap Home’s towel collection. Each is made with organic cotton and styles range from sailor-inspired stripes to melange hues. I especially love its “sculpted” line, which incorporates a waffle-like texture for extra plushness. White is always my go-to (easy to clean!), so I love that the texture gives these a little something special.

Photo by Walmart

6. Gap Home Washed Denim Indoor Pouf, $40

To me, poufs are the MVP of the living room. They’re just so handy—you can use them to throw up your feet at the end of the day, as a soft surface to stash magazines or a pretty tray, or as extra seating when friends and family come over. Denim is in Gap’s DNA, so it’s no surprise it chose to pair the most versatile fabric with the most versatile living room accessory, creating a useful (and sturdy!) do-it-all piece in your home.

Photo by Walmart

What’s your favorite piece from the collection? Tell us in the comments below!

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