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This New Rug Collab Will Bring *So Much* Joy to Your Space

The colorful collection is the perfect antidote to neutral rugs.

August 12, 2021
Photo by Ruggable

While some people might want a rug to ground a room, there’s something to be said for a statement rug that makes a room. It’s the latter that beloved designer Jonathan Adler is going after with his debut Ruggable collab.

Inspired by his own dog’s (mis)use of his rugs, Adler designed 16 colorful rugs that come in sizes from 2 x 3 feet all the way up to 9’ x 12’. The potter-turned-designer is known for modern designs, tons of luxurious textures, and his use of every color under the rainbow, so naturally, his collab is the perfect blend of all three. There are one or two that are borderline neutral because of the black and white colorway, but true to Adler’s MO, they're super graphic and joyful—the perfect antidote to basic rugs.

Best of all, they’re washable, stain-resistant, and made to order. Basically, these are the rugs of your dreams.

Ready to redecorate? Here’s your first look at the Adler x Ruggable collab.

1. Jonathan Adler Carnaby Admiral Blue Rug, $109+

The elongated diamond design can help make any room look and feel bigger. Depending on how you position the rug, you can also smartly use it to lead the direction for your furniture and room layout.

Photo by Ruggable

2. Jonathan Adler Op Art Teal Rug, $109+

While the lines are a bit trippy, the white helps break up the colors for a look that’s just right.

Photo by Ruggable

3. Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Black & Ivory Rug, $109+

Slightly more muted in black and white, but every bit as graphic, this is about as “neutral” as the collection gets.

Photo by Ruggable

4. Jonathan Adler Venom Emerald Rug, $109+

This serpentine-inspired runner is sure to keep you on your toes during meal prep. Best of all, the rug is washable so you can get out marinara stains with ease.

Photo by Ruggable

5. Jonathan Adler Milano Blue Steel Rug, $109+

To our surprise, the various shades of blue and soft curves are actually quite soothing—especially for a bedroom.

Photo by Ruggable

6. Jonathan Adler Biba Blue Green Rug, $109+

Another take on water, but in a rippled design, this lively print would look great under a kitchen table (to hide crumbs) or peeking out underneath living room furniture.

Photo by Ruggable

What’s your favorite rug from the collection? Drop some inspo in the comments below!

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