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11 Absurdly Large Halloween Decorations (Including the 12-Foot Skeleton)

Yes, it’s still summer, but we still want to buy the skeleton, like, now.

July 16, 2021
Photo by The Home Depot

When it comes to Halloween decor, you either go big or go home—literally. And while it might sound strange to think about pumpkins and skeletons in the middle of summer, given how the pandemic has seemingly slowed time and there’s a general feeling of restlessness in the air, thinking about over-the-top Halloween decor is keeping us going at the moment—especially when that viral 12-foot skeleton is back.

Why would you ever want a regular human-sized skeleton instead of a towering 12-foot skeleton complete with a burning pumpkin head? Or tiny critters when you can drape a 16-foot wide web with house-sized spiders around your space?

Ahead, 11 oversized, extra-large, gargantuan, just plain big pieces of Halloween decorations to turn your home into a total funhouse.

1. Home Accents 12 ft Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes LCD Eyes, $299

Ah, the 12-foot skeleton that started it all. It was all we had during a tumultuous 2020, giving us so much joy and humor when there was none, and now, it’s baaack! The beloved battery-powered skeleton can be posed and positioned however you want, and has LCD eyes that move and blink. Snap this up before you even finish reading this sentence or be prepared to wait around.

Photo by The Home Depot

2. Home Accents 12 ft Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton with LifeEyes LCD Eyes, $349

If you’re looking for something even more intense than the OG skeleton, or maybe even as a spooky friend, The Home Depot has a pumpkin-skeleton hybrid with a fiery torso and mouth, movable arms, and sculpted details for an even scarier look. And yes, it’s still 12 glorious feet tall.

Photo by The Home Depot

3. Home Accents 80 in. Giant-Sized Animated LED Dark Angel, $279

Not content with extra-large skeletons with blinking eyes? This dark angel’s wings will flap, turn its head, and glow thanks to LED lights when it senses movement nearby—perfect for scaring your unsuspecting neighbors. It’s “only” about half the size of the skeleton at a smidge more than six feet tall, but it’s not small by any means.

Photo by The Home Depot

4. OCATO 200" Halloween Spider Web + 59" Giant Spider Decorations, $21.99

Larger than life at more than 16 feet wide at its widest, this oversized web—complete with spiders that look like your worst nightmare—can be hung up anywhere. The web comes with a hook and stakes for security and easy assembly, and the spider's legs can be shaped every which way for the spookiest—or silliest look—you can imagine.

Photo by Amazon

5. Home Accents 69 in. Halloween Giant Black Sliver Dragon, $399

Almost six feet tall and eight feet wide, motion activated, and animated with LED lights, this can almost pass as a real-life version of Drogon from Game of Thrones. You can even take it to the next level with a smoke machine, which you can grab separately.

Photo by The Home Depot

6. GOOSH 7FT Halloween Inflatable T-Rex, $69.99

You can’t not love an inflatable dino, especially one that’s dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. LED lights help attract even more attention to the giant T-Rex (not that it’ll need it) while the included stakes, ropes, and sandbags will keep it tacked down on your lawn or yard. It also comes with a 10-foot extension cord, though you might need to grab a longer one depending on your space.

Photo by Amazon

7. The Holiday Aisle Pose n' Stay Skeleton, $72.99

At five feet, this skeleton is still quite tall and can work either indoors or outdoors. Its rotating head and posable jaw and limbs mean you can create endless spooky or funny scenes with it. Go wild!

Photo by Wayfair

8. Home Accents 8 ft Giant-Sized Animated LED Ferry of the Dead, $399

If you have the square footage, this 8-foot-wide ferry will turn your lawn into a spooky moat. Plug it into an outdoor outlet or pop in some batteries to power constant rowing action, LED lanterns, and motion-activated sound effects.

Photo by The Home Depot

9. Grandin Road Holding Hands Witches, Set of Three, $99.50

Get in, witches, we’re going trick or treating. This set comes with three witches that you can pose in a straight line, semi-circle around a smoking cauldron or giant pumpkin, the backseat of your car—however you’d like.

Photo by Grandin Road

10. Home Accents 5.3 ft. Haunted Hearse and Skeleton Pony, $429

Go for a spooky ride with this hearse and pony duo. It’s more than 11 feet wide and 5 feet tall, so it’ll take up a good amount of space. The driver’s mouth moves and has red eyes for an extra creepy effect while the pony makes sounds, too.

Photo by The Home Depot

11. The Holiday Aisle Halloween Inflatable Haunted Tree Decoration, $140.04 $89.99

This is more cute than spooky, which can be great when there's little ones around. And for parents, the whole vignette comes as one piece for easy setup so there’s no assembly involved other than plugging it into an outlet to activate the internal fan and lights.

Photo by Wayfair

How do you plan to decorate for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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