Our Top Two Recipes Starring Summer Fruit: Help Us Pick a Winner!

Here are the finalists for our latest recipe contest, "Your Best Dish With Summer Fruit."

October  1, 2021

Summer is waning in many parts of the country, but we can still find some lovely fruits to take home at our local farmers markets. In many ways, these changes of season help us appreciate the ephemeral nature of summer fruit, which makes it even more special. In our latest contest, our community shared their best recipes that make summer fruit shine. You can get inspiration for your last summer fruit here.

Although both recipes adeptly spotlight summer fruit, they offer you the choice - sweet or savory? One takes sweet summer plums and combines them with spices and cheese for a super savory appetizer while the other lets you take your best summer fruit and make a delicious make-ahead dessert. We need your help to decide which recipe best showcases summer fruit.

1. No Bake Goat Cheese Cheesecake With Summer Fruit Swirl by ostreetkitchen - Becca Jacobs

2. Plum Summer Squash Phyllo Samosas by Meera Bhave

Please join us in giving ostreetkitchen becca jacobs and Meera Bhave congratulations in the comments section below! If you can, try one or both of these at home, and vote for your favorite by heading over to our contest page. You have now until 12 p.m. ET on October 8 to tell us which recipe you loved the most. We’ll announce the winner at 12 p.m. ET on October 9.

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Written by: meganvt01