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2022’s Colors of the Year Are Here—& They Have a Lot in Common

They also play well with nearly any decor vibe out there.

October 25, 2021
Photo by Farrow & Ball

Every year in the fall, I find myself anxiously awaiting the color trend reports for the following year. There’s just some sort of low-key optimism that comes along with the announcement—the anticipation of new things to come in just a few months, and the comforting promise of change on the horizon.

Sure, the color trends could be taken at face value—corporate-picked hues selected to influence what shades all our favorite clothes and home accessories will be cast in in the following months—but they can also mean much more than that. In the past several years, companies like Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and more have used the palette as a porthole to a wider conversation about our world at large. Seen that way, the colors chosen as the following year’s trends are no longer just colors—they’re the physical embodiment of our conversations, our ethos, the times we live in.

While last year’s colors focused on cultivating a cheerful optimism that was much-needed mid-pandemic, this year’s hues signal a more relaxed approach to living. For the first time since I can remember, nearly every major company is aligned on their color choices. And I’m not just talking about all picking a warm hue or a cool hue—no, they almost all chose some variation of green.

From Benjamin Moore’s October Mist to Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog; Behr’s Breezeway to PPG’s Olive Spring; Farrow and Ball’s Breakfast Room Green to Valspar’s Blanched Thyme, verdant hues were clearly on everyone’s mind when choosing what colors will take center stage in 2022. While the shades vary slightly in tonality, they all feel overwhelmingly similar in what they represent—a return to the simplicity of a bygone era; the soothing aspect of nature and time spent in the great outdoors; an invigorated focus on protecting the planet we inhabit. The 2022 Color of the Year selections speak to our collective outlook towards all that faces us in our post-pandemic life: a cautious optimism and hope for better days.

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Top Comment:
“Funny--that's how most blues affect me. Realtors say that blue is the best color to use to sell your house, but when I walk into one of those while house hunting, I usually turn around and walk out. Gray depresses me, too. My house, despite my love of green, has mostly cream, ivory, pale yellows and peach, with not a single thing painted green. Love most of these new shades. Isn't it great that we can all find something to suit our individual tastes!”
— Janet M.

From a design perspective, green is about as versatile as it gets. Known to evoke notions of growth, renewal, and security, it can play well with nearly any decor vibe out there—from mid-century modern and traditional, to farmhouse rustic and Scandi-chic. Whether you turn to little pops of color or all-over hues, green adds a dose of considered elegance to our homes in ways big and small. If you’re not looking to paint your walls or cabinets right now, consider playing with the hue through accessories like throw blankets, pillows, and even lamps.

I sincerely hope 2022 brings us the year these colors represent: one filled with peace and tranquility, an appreciation for the little things, and a fresh perspective of the beauty this world offers us. For a deeper dive into each of the hues chosen for 2022 (with the exception of Pantone, which is expected to be announced in early winter) check out our take below.

Photo by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore, October Mist

Subdued and refined, Benjamin Moore’s selection for the 2022 color of the year is a refreshingly crisp take on the classic grey-green. Described by the brand as a “gently shaded sage,” the hue would look stunning in a study or bedroom, calming in a powder room, and hit just the right refined rustic note on kitchen cabinetry. If you’re looking for colors to pair this versatile shade with, Benjamin Moore has a slew of them, all chosen as part of an extended 2022 palette.​​

Photo by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog

In close similarity to Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams also chose a dusty green hue—Evergreen Fog—as their 2022 color of the year selection, viewing the shade as the ushering in of a new guard of nostalgic mid-tones. “Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated wash of color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade,” says Sherwin-Williams’ director of color marketing, Sue Wadden, in a release about the hue. “[It] inspires us to begin again and is a great choice for modern interiors and exteriors.” The color pairs gorgeously with various wood tones and natural textures like leather, plaster, and bouclé.

Photo by Farrow and Ball

Farrow & Ball, Breakfast Room Green

High-end paint brand Farrow & Ball—known for their timeless take on classic hues and world-class paint formulations—named a selection of five paint colors as trends for 2022, noting that the chosen shades “evoke the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age while celebrating life today.” Among the colors is Breakfast Room Green, a cheerful hue that is vibrant and lively without being garish. As the name implies, it would be great in a kitchen or dining nook—but also equally as stunning in any other space where you want to bring a little sunshine and happiness, like an office or mudroom. Other colors of the year picks from F&B include Stone Blue, Incarnadine, School House White, and Babouche.

Photo by PPG

PPG, Olive Sprig

Described as a “grounded and versatile grey-green,” Olive Sprig was chosen by PPG to represent qualities of regrowth and re-emergence, not unlike nature’s own resiliency. The classic green shade has a bit of zest to it, making it the perfect invigorating pick for a fun-filled family room or outdoor-adjacent sunroom. The paint brand recommends pairing the hue (which can be found at Home Depot stores nationwide) with natural materials, curved furniture, and architectural details.

Photo by Gilden

Glidden, Guacamole

Certainly the most vibrant of the bunch, Glidden’s aptly-named color of the year pick, Guacamole, packs energy and personality into any space. Described by the brand as “spirited but soothing” (yep!), this hue is the perfect playful pick for a young family or a duo of city-dwellers looking to bring a bit of nature to their urban jungle. Tone it down with a quiet accompanying palette of neutrals or keep the vibrancy alive with complementary hues like mustard, ochre, blush, and navy.

Photo by Valspar

Valspar, Blanched Thyme

A subtle yet interesting mid-tone green, Valspar’s Blanched Thyme is among 12 shades chosen by the brand to represent the 2022 colors of the year (you can see them all here). As a whole, the palette showcases dustier versions of our favorite vibrant hues, proving that color is here to stay—just in a more nuanced way. For its part, Blanched Thyme is the perfect “pop” of color for the typically color-adverse. It’s vibrant enough to be noticeable but neutral enough to go with nearly any decor you already have in place.

Photo by Behr

Behr, Breezeway

Midway between an oceanic teal and a mint green, Behr’s 2022 color of the year, Breezeway, brings a touch of vacation-ready bliss to any room in your home. The silvery green tone boasts cool undertones, making it the perfect accompaniment to vibrant whites and rich blue hues. Breezeway is joined by 19 other colors tapped by the brand as an up-and-coming shade in the design world for 2022, including the rich and dusty Wild Mustang, timeless Whisper White, and smoky Cracked Pepper.

Which of these greens do you love the most? Let us know in the comments!

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John October 31, 2021
These colors are not alive. Never do go with trends. The grey trend went wild and now everyone is stuck with it on every wall, backsplash and countertops. Even those grey floors are sticking out ever! Ouch!
Johanphilip October 29, 2021
I like Bright Skies as the color of 2022, it gives us a much needed breath of fresh air in the places where we live and work.
methli October 29, 2021
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Linda G. October 28, 2021
These greens are the color of the hospital walls and surgical gowns I experienced during a childhood tonsillectomy. I've avoided this color palette ever since, lol. Waiting for 2023...
Nathalie October 28, 2021
First thing I thought was I h no, not that green again,
Pam S. October 28, 2021
I've had a Walmart version of the "Olive Sprig" on my living & dining rooms walls for several years. It's quite neutral - although black really pops against it - and I still haven't tired of it.
jessicaonthego October 25, 2021
Inshort ! as you said "spirited but soothing" is sooo sooting !

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ELLE October 25, 2021
It's a good thing I don't feel the need to repaint my house every year when "new" colors are announced.
I like green on trees, grass, foliage. I don't like it on clothes, walls, anyplace else. I would find the greens shown in this article -- depressing.
Janet M. October 28, 2021
Funny--that's how most blues affect me. Realtors say that blue is the best color to use to sell your house, but when I walk into one of those while house hunting, I usually turn around and walk out. Gray depresses me, too. My house, despite my love of green, has mostly cream, ivory, pale yellows and peach, with not a single thing painted green. Love most of these new shades. Isn't it great that we can all find something to suit our individual tastes!