Glow, then grow.

Wild Tomato Vine has notes of tomato leaf, clover, fresh herbs, and leafy greens. (And yes, it lets you grow Brandywine tomatoes.)

Crushed Mint smells like spearmint, peppermint, and peach flower, with a little warmth from cedarwood and oakmoss. The seeds in the box? Garden mint.

Fresh Cut Grass gives off an ever-popular scent with notes of clipped glass, cedar, and baby green bananas. Grow Timothy grass with that box.

Heath Lavender smells of—you guessed it—fresh lavender flowers. Save the box so you can sprout some English lavender yourself.

Siam Poppy is tropical and fragrant, with notes of black and red currant, poppies, and sweet citrus. Plant the box, and you’ll soon have Flanders poppies.

Somerset Thyme has an herby and earthy fragrance with hints of thyme, sage, and lemongrass. It lets you grow garden thyme.

Sweet Sunflower is a floral blend starring melon, lemon, and apple, plus pink jasmine, cyclamen, and lily. Musk and cedarwood add a little warmth. The box sprouts up into a mix of wildflowers, including sunflowers.