Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in October

From a superlative egg biryani to the “world’s best” chocolate cake.

November  1, 2021
Photo by Julia Gartland. Prop Stylist: Megan Hedgpeth. Food Stylist: Lauren Lapenna.

Our most popular new recipes from October, aka Spooky Season, were not, it turns out, all that spooky. Just the opposite: They were exceedingly cozy, from Rick Martinez’s mom-inspired chicken and dumplings to Kristen Miglore’s family-famous banana bread. What are you cooking with your loved ones these days? Let me know in the comments.

10. Burnt Eggplant & Tomato Tahini From Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

For when you have a haul of eggplants that need to be used up. Serve with warm pita and soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “Absolutely fabulous,” raves one commenter.

9. Chicken & Dumplings, Just Like Mom’s

One of Rick Martinez’s favorite recipes, he describes it as “a big warm hug from your mom on a cold winter’s day.” Chicken legs add richness and, lucky us, are next to impossible to overcook.

8. Tuna Artichoke Melt

A sneak peek from the Big Little Recipes cookbook, this melty open-faced sandwich comes together with four ingredients in a matter of minutes.

7. Middle Eastern Mac & Cheese With Za’atar Pesto From Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

Your new favorite mac and cheese, thanks to warm cumin seeds, herby za’atar pesto (“even better the next day,” according to one commenter), and crackly fried onions.

6. Ethereal Egg Biryani

“There are many kinds of biryani—Sindhi, Awadhi, Hyderabadi, Chettinad, Dindigul,” writes Shilpa Uskokovic. “This one combines the stronger spicing of southern-style biryani with the layered assembly more prevalent in Hyderabad and the north (though mine is less elaborate).”

5. Mushroom Pasta With Pepper & Pecorino

An earthy riff on cacio e pepe, this buttery pasta comes from resident Hana Asbrink. Her pick is ruffly campanelle, but feel free to use any short shape you have around, like penne or rigatoni.

4. World’s Best Chocolate Cake

Originally from Sweet by Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh, and recently adapted into The Essential New York Times Cookbook by Amanda Hesser, this fudgy cake has no shortage of confidence.

3. Kristen’s Genius Family Banana Bread

This time-tested recipe makes two loaves, because once you dig in to the first, yeah, you’re going to want another. You could also give the second one to a friend—like me!—if you’re feeling generous.

2. Cider-Braised Chicken With Apples, Onions & Thyme

Must, must, must be eaten while wearing a thick sweater. Seek out a hard cider you’ll like drinking—you use just one cup for the braise, so the rest is for you to enjoy with dinner.

1. Jiffy Corn Casserole

“This is the original Jiffy Corn Casserole recipe, which first appeared in the 1960s as a recipe tear-off sheet in retail grocery stores,” staff writer Kelly Vaughan writes. “There are hundreds of versions of this recipe on the internet, but this is the real deal.”

Which would you cook first? And what have you loved lately that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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