We’re Calling It: This Furniture Trend Will Still Be Huge in 2022

And we can’t get enough.

December 21, 2021
Photo by Urban Outfitters

It’s not often we see furniture silhouettes change often or quickly. In fact, it seems like mid-century modern aesthetics (think: streamlined and modern shapes, tapered wood legs, and tufted backs) have been the choice du jour for decades now, and finding something different becomes a treasure hunt of epic proportions.

Maybe that’s why we’re so enamored with the curved furniture trend that’s been making waves these past few years. What some mistook for a flash-in-the-pan trend at first, curved furniture is proving to have the same staying power that sleek mid-century pieces or English roll arm sofas have displayed in decades past.

But curved furniture is nothing new. The silhouette first appeared after World War II when new methods of furniture production allowed makers to introduce more intricate shapes to the masses. “All trends make a comeback, and curved furniture—which most recently appeared in the ‘90s—has definitely come back again, this time with a twist,” says designer Elizabeth Gill of Elizabeth Gill Interiors. Past iterations saw curvy forms showing up mostly in seating, the majority of which was oversized, high-end, and made to be looked at but not lounged on. “Now, we’re not only seeing curved furniture in all upholstered seating styles, but also in beds and even case goods,” says Gill.

Curves have a unique way of softening a room, acting as an “exhale” among other items that have hard edges and angles like built-in shelving, coffee tables, and fireplaces. “Curved lines are a great way to break up all the straight lines of a room as well as add softness and whimsy to the space,” says designer Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski of Tiffany Leigh Design. “Part of the allure of curved furniture is that it’s sexy,” adds designer Linda Hayslett. “Curves allow pieces to double as artwork and act as conversation starters when guests come over.”

The best part? With the curved furniture trend gaining steam well into 2022, there are so many different ways to work it into your home’s decor, no matter your style, budget, or square footage. “Pieces with curves are all about being seen and not tucked away” explains Hayslett. “They make a statement as soon as you see them in a room and are best seen in muted colors or soft jewel tones.” She suggests balancing curved pieces with a modern vibe such as matte black metal light fixtures, a shapely lamp, or even a unique pair of bookends. And if you’re not totally ready to jump in headfirst, Piotrowski suggests smaller investments like side tables, ottomans, or bookshelves.

As for the trend’s staying power? According to the pros, expect to see curves at work all over the home into 2022 and beyond. “We’ll continue to see it not only in furniture designs but also in architectural applications, like an arched built-in,” says Mandu Mbride, designer and founder of CQ Interiors. “The shape adds a more organic and fluid element that can make a space feel more open, friendly, and inviting as well as elevated. Curved furniture is having such a moment in design.”

Want a bit of inspiration to get started? Check out a few of our favorite curved pieces below for every room in your home.

1. Castlery Amber Bouclé Swivel Chair, $499

There’s a reason why you’ll often spot nubby white bouclé and curvy silhouettes paired together—they just compliment each other perfectly. This cozy chair is basically like an adult cocoon—don’t be surprised if more than one friend mistakes it for a one-of-a-kind vintage find.

Photo by Castlery

2. Threshold designed with Studio McGee Portola Hills Caned Desk, $300

With of rich wood and cane, this curvaceous combo is the best of modern design (Those curves! Those sleek legs!) with an approachable silhouette that is equal parts trendy and timeless. Plus, at just 48 inches wide, this petite desk can be tucked in a corner of the living room or bedroom.

3. Decorative Wood Arches, $66

If furniture feels like too large of a commitment but you still want to dip your toes into curvy trend, try decor and accessories that still invoke the shape without a major price tag. This trio of wood arches would look great on a bookshelf or atop a console.

Photo by West Elm

4. Emil Table Lamp, $139

Made from a charming speckled resin, this piece transforms vintage appeal and arched motifs into a very modern table lamp. Use it to add visual appeal to an entry table or a little illumination to that dark corner of your living room.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

5. Leanne Ford x Crate & Barrel Mazz Boucle Dining Chair, $499

Designer Leanne Ford is the queen of curved furniture, and her latest collaboration with Crate & Barrel is chocked full of beautiful pieces that bring the edge without an edge. Among our favorites? Cane accent chairs, simple nightstands, and this standout dining chair. With slim wood legs and a tubular arm cushion, they’re a fun way to bring a bit of modern design to your dining room.

Photo by Crate & Barrel

6. Clementine Sofa, $1,287

This small-scale sofa is as charming as it is functional. At 60-inches long, it’s a great option for snug apartments or small homes that need a big impact in a small footprint. The multitude of curves (in the back, arms, and seat cushions) pair beautifully with dusty neutral hues for a statement-making piece that will totally enliven your space.

Photo by Nuevo

7. Marisol Coffee Table, $179+

These rattan beauties offer up a new take on nested coffee tables, with distinct curved edges that give them almost a rainbow shape. Keep them tucked together for the every day, then separate when you need more spots to stash snacks or put up your feet.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

Are you into the curved furniture trend? Let us know below!

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Melissa W. December 21, 2021
White boucle *dining chairs*? They’re pretty, but completely impractical.
Sarah R. December 22, 2021
I’m not sure if this is true for the CB chairs, but there has actually been a lot of innovation in performance, stain-resistant fabric options, including boucle! Maiden Home carries it, and probably other places as well.