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16 Fresh Wallpapers to Breathe New Life Into Any Space

Time to finally transform those blah walls.

January  3, 2022
Photo by James Ransom

If you’re on the hunt for a home improvement project to freshen up your space, wallpaper is the perfect project to dive into right now. Sure, it can feel like a huge commitment, but it can also be a game changer.

“There’s nothing like being immersed in a room full of wallpaper,” says Christiana Coop, co-founder of Hygge & West. One of the trends she’s seeing? Wallpapering entire spaces versus the safer accent wall. Surprisingly, people are also gravitating toward color and doubling down by painting the trim in bold, expected ways, Coop says. “It’s always interesting to see what colors they choose.”

There are endless styles and colors to choose from, but we’re especially fond of prints and patterns that bring the outdoors in, whether through vines, flora, or whimsical fauna. They can feel especially cheerful and refreshing during the winter months when we’re cooped up inside. And thanks to primer (which makes it easy to remove wallpaper down the line if you choose to do so), as well as pre-pasted and peel-and-stick options, wallpaper installation is more approachable than it’s ever been. Plus, there are plenty of calculators and tutorials to tackle it yourself as well as resources like Thumbtack or Task Rabbit if you really want to tap a professional.

For major inspo, here are 16 fresh wallpapers that will bring a touch of nature indoors this season.

Photo by Hygge & West

1. Hygge & West Olive Grove Wallpaper, $245/roll

I love Hygge & West’s take on the timeless olive tree. Created in collaboration with Schoolhouse (which is part of the Food52 community of brands), it features branches set against warm, unexpected colors from ochre to juniper, clay, and more. It’s an idyllic choice for those in search of a classic print that pops.

Photo by Rifle Paper Co.

2. Rifle Paper Co. Hydrangea Wallpaper, $122/roll

It’s hard to hate on the classic hydrangea. This flower walks the line between delicate and hardy, yet its pom-pom silhouette screams attention-getter. We’re crushing on this print by Rifle Paper Co., with white florals and leafy green stems set off by a moody backdrop.

Photo by Lulu and Georgia

3. Lulu and Georgia Rylee + Cru Sparrow Wallpaper, $145/roll

For the minimalist who feels drawn to wallpaper but can’t commit, we found your match. This simple wallpaper featuring sparrow in flight was designed by Rylee Cru for Lulu and Georgia. The minimal, neutral palette matched with the unpredictable flight paths lend the paper a serene feel.

Photo by Anthropologie

4. Borstapeter Herbal Wallpaper, $98/roll

If you’ve drawn to less frilly leaves and botanicals, consider this classic wallpaper from Swedish design house Borstapeter. The classic and simple color combo of greens and white feels like a hike through the woods, and you can almost hear the dirt and branches crackling beneath your steps.

Photo by The Home Depot

5. Mitchell Black Forest & Orange Fabric Peel & Stick Washable Wallpaper Roll, $110/roll

If you like bright, colorful prints, consider bringing in a whiff of the outdoors with this orange grove wallpaper from Mitchell Black. The graphic mix of vibrant green and orange isn’t necessarily for the neutral set, but this print sure is fun.

Photo by Chasing Paper

6. Carrie Shryock x Chasing Paper Tree Toile, $40/roll

A whimsical take on traditional toile, this tree-patterned wallpaper will totally draw you into a charming forest and inspire you to set up a picnic lunch and pitch a tent in your living room. It comes in a peel-and-stick form as well as traditional wallpaper.

Photo by Lake Sky

7. Lake August Nasturtium Sky Wallpaper, $198/roll

Nasturtiums always make me think of an overgrown cottage garden with an absurd yet dreamy tangle of vines, leaves, and flowers. This print from Los Angeles-based textile house Lake August perfectly captures the complicated, delicate beauty of the flower in a subdued green and red print.

Photo by The Home Depot

8. York Wall Coverings Meadow in Bloom Spray and Stick Wallpaper, $79.98/roll

If you’re on the hunt from something a bit more subdued, consider hand-drawn botanicals from York Wall Coverings. Pair the wallpaper with a similar neutral trim or buddy it up with brighter hue, like an earthy green or warm ochre.

Photo by Svensk Ttenn

9. Svensk Ttenn Wallpaper Klöverblad, $150/roll

We’ve seen this print pair so wonderfully with bright blues, reds, purples, and more, it's hard to choose a favorite. Designed by Josef Frank in the 1940s, it’s still relevant today with its trailing vines and playful, dissimilar clovers that you can immerse yourself in—that’s especially so when you discover the hidden four-leaf clovers.

Photo by Wallpaper Direct

10. Morris & Co. Bellflower, $200/double roll

We couldn’t talk about forest-inspired motifs without mentioning Morris & Co.’s wallpaper collections. There are endless favorites to choose from, but this floral and leaf Bellflower print in Indigo checks all the boxes whether you’re looking for classic or moody.

Photo by Farrow & Ball

11. Farrow & Ball Aranami Wallpaper, $290/roll

Another way to bring in a bit of the outdoors is through an ocean-inspired print such as Farrow & Ball’s wonderfully wild and graphic wave print. The illustrations are inspired by a Japanese paper cutting technique called kiri-e, which we love in this soothing marine hue.

Photo by Sandberg

12. Sandberg Wilma Blue, $108/roll

A bit more on the delicate side, Sandberg’s Wilma wallpaper features a simple repeat of woven laurel wreaths. This pattern combines the best of both worlds—it’s easy on the eyes, but can hold its own with major impact, too.

Photo by Étoffe

13. Eijffinger Feathery Clouds Wallpaper, $87/roll

If you’re always finding your heads in the clouds, then you’ll love Eijffinger’s Feathery Cloud print. The line art and random placement of birds lend motion that’s ideal for a space where you want to evoke a sense of calm.

Photo by Maisonette

14. WallShoppe Nathan Turner Belafonte Palm Grasscloth Wallpaper, $375/roll

If the winter has you aching for tropical weather, then you’ll love how this golden grass cloth wallpaper can instantly transform a room. Illustrated against a jute texture, the leafy lines will feel warm and inviting—literally.

Photo by Fifth & Foster

15. Fifth & Foster Revival Mustard Fauna Wallpaper, $52.49/roll

Just as in nature, if you look closely among the leaves and florals, you’ll discover all kinds of creatures from squirrels munching on acorns to a myriad of birds and curious rabbits. The yellow hue feels like a sunny day, perfect for adding warmth to any space.

Photo by Cathy Nordström

16. Cathy Nordström Blanche Wallpaper, $146/roll

We're so fond of this scalloped-edge oak leaf print from Cathy Nordström. The sage green is particularly soothing and pairs well with similar hues like earthy blues or even bold pops of red.

Are you planning to wallpaper your space? Let us know below!

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