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The 5 Shows We Can’t Wait to Watch on Magnolia Network

Joanna and Chip Gaines are back and better than ever.

January  6, 2022
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Joanna Gaines is… kind of perfect. She makes Birkenstocks look chic, has given us all the gift of farmhouse-style decor (on a budget, thanks to her Hearth & Hand collection at Target), she’s a supermom and she’s a super designer Naturally, we were elated to learn that DIY Network (another old fave) was relaunching this year as Magnolia Network.

The Gaines’ first show, Fixer Upper, first premiered on HGTV more than a decade ago, but after the couple quit filming to work on their own network, home designers everywhere (including us aspiring designers) couldn’t wait to see what they would produce next. Now that Magnolia Network is live, here are the five shows we’ll be streaming on repeat.

1. Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

The OG show that made Chip and Joanna famous is back in a familiar way. The couple has returned to Waco (though, did they ever really leave?) to redesign houses for newlyweds, young families, and sisters. As always, Chip and Joanna deliver a modern take on old-world charm and help dozens of lucky new homeowners plant roots in the place where their story began.

2. Family Dinner

The Gaineses have partnered with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern on a new show that intersects travel and home cooking. In each episode, Zimmern visits a different family across the country to learn about their regional cuisine and historical food facets. “Whether it’s over Sunday supper, a holiday brunch, or a summer barbecue, families come together over food,” says Zimmern in the trailer for the show.

3. ZoëBakes

Cookbook author, food blogger, and pastry chef Zoë François explains how to achieve beautiful and delicious desserts in the comfort of your own kitchen in her new show, ZoëBakes, which you can watch exclusively on Magnolia Network. She shares her tried-and-true baking tips, like how donuts are best enjoyed warm and cookies with big chocolate chunks are always better. Those are the need-to-know culinary lessons that we can’t get enough of.

4. Magnolia Table With Joanna Gaines

She can shiplap like nobody’s business, but Joanna Gaines is also a sneakily good home cook and baker. Her cooking show first premiered on Food Network, but she is rebooting it on her very own network. She demonstrates how to cook her most viral recipes, like Chicken Florentine, Spinach Tortellini Soup, and Weeknight Salmon With Baby New Potatoes & Fresh Dill.

5. The Lost Kitchen Show

Travel to the backwoods of Freedom, Maine, a tiny town with a population of just over 700 people. It’s here where chef Erin French welcomes select guests to her restaurant The Lost Kitchen, where she serves locally-inspired dishes made with freshly foraged ingredients. French has partnered with Chip and Joanna on a new show aptly titled The Lost Kitchen Show. “Every week is a new story, new ingredients, new diners, new challenges for me and the team—the only constant is it’s home,” says French in the show’s trailer.

What shows are you excited to start watching on Magnolia Network? Let us know in the comments below!

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[email protected] January 23, 2022
Looking at the new show homework the couple just don’t have the decorating skills. They redecorated a couple master bedroom room and bath it’s horrible it’s cheap looking just not nice at all.
Whitlock January 18, 2022
I’m loving all these shows, no drama just artistry. I walk away feeling encouraged to be creative in my own way in my home. I’m really loving the positivity on these shows.
Charlene V. January 16, 2022
Much as I enjoy Zoe, I disagree with her (and many others) about putting big, melty chunks of chocolate in cookies. I like mine smaller with regular chips. Of course, everyone’s taste is different, which is why I get annoyed with writers and cooks who use words like “always” and “never”—we are the chefs in our own kitchens! Cooking isn’t a math test with absolute right and wrong answers.
Connie B. January 16, 2022
Where do you find the magnolia network
Kellszav January 16, 2022
Definitely watch “For the Love of Kitchens”. So could I could watch it over and over
Modie January 7, 2022
I'm so glad The Gaines' are back 💓