8 Indoor Trees for Anyone Who’s Over Teeny-Tiny Plants

The plant world's newest trend is large and in charge.

January 12, 2022
Photo by Bobbi Lin

Look into any millennial’s home and you’ll spot a bunch of green plant babies from teeny-tiny air plants to short stalks of bamboo. Indoor plants aren’t a new trend; they’ve long been a way for people to connect with nature and bring the outdoors in—and the word “plantfluencer” has become part of our daily jargon. But, according to trend forecaster WGSN, indoor trees are going to be big in 2022.

Yes, trees. Inspired in part by hotel lobbies, indoor trees can act as the singular focal point in any space, bringing in even zen vibes and potentially even inspiring the rest of your decor or renos. I mean, have you seen the calamansi tree growing out of Hilton Carter’s floors?

The result is all of the wild vibes but without the clutter of many, many small plants. As someone who has 15+ plants scattered about my house, I’d agree that having one or two larger trees would look much cleaner and still give my space the drama and impact.

In fact, here are some of my fave tall indoor trees that I’ve already got my eyes on.

Photo by Bloomscape

1. Bamboo Palm, $199

For those with some space, this bamboo palm has the height and width for major jungle vibes. It arrives somewhere between 44 and 58 inches tall, and can grow up to eight feet in the proper conditions.

Photo by The Home Depot

2. Brighter Blooms 3 Gal. Arbequina Olive Tree 3 ft. to 4 ft. Tall, $99.98

This tall olive tree arrives standing at around three or four feet, and has all the potential to grow even taller with sunny conditions and proper watering. It might not bear olives (though the brand says it can, it’s tricky!), but the leaves will still be just as beautiful to look at.

Photo by Ty Mecham

3. The Magnolia Company Lemon Citrus Tree, $60

For spaces that get at least eight hours of sun, this two-feet-tall Meyer lemon tree is just the thing to bring all the drama—and lemons! This one is ready for gifting to a loved one, or just yourself—because you deserve it.

Photo by Terrain

4. Rosemary Topiary, $68

Fragrant and at the ready for finishing your dishes in style, this rosemary topiary doubles as decor and a cooking ingredient. While it’s not the tallest tree here, it might just be the most useful—especially during meal time.

Photo by Bloomscape

5. Ficus Audrey, $249

The ficus Audrey’s large glossy leaves are just as impressive as the tree’s ability to grow up to eight (yep, that’s right) feet tall indoors. If you live in a warm, sunny, and humid area, bring it outdoors where it can get up to 40 feet.

Photo by Leon & George

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Extra Large, $599

A fiddle leaf fig’s leaves are already large but the height adds much more drama. Arriving between 5.5 to 6.5 feet, this is among the taller trees you can shop online—no need to stress about lugging it home!

Photo by Bloomscape

7. Bird of Paradise, $199

If you prefer something that boasts a more even proportion between the leaves and the trunk, try a tall bird of paradise with graceful looming leaves. It’ll arrive as a potted plant between 43 and 53 inches, and can grow up to six feet tall indoors.

How do you feel about the large indoor tree trend? Let us know below!

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Robin D. March 11, 2022
I have been looking recently for an indoor tree, so very timely. The link to the home depot olive tree leads to Terrain rosemay tree. I can just head to Home depot to search but thought you'd like to know.
Jada W. March 11, 2022
Good eye, thanks Robin!
mommydearest January 20, 2022
You all know what I’m going to say because you’re thinking it. If I kill a $1.99 TJ’s mini plant or a $20 one from the grocery store or someplace else I won’t slit my wrists. I will likely kill all of these, and will be suicidal. That’s it plain and simple. 🤷‍♀️
JC January 20, 2022
...not quite a proportional response...
mommydearest January 20, 2022
Well, considering the hook was an alternative to teeny tiny plants, I think your choice of the term proportional says it all. Yes, there are a couple of plants in the $60 range but most are waaay more. I guess this isn’t meant for the average person. Sorry, I can unsubscribe.