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Art Buffs Will Love Ruggable x Keith Haring’s Newest Collab

Good-bye boring rugs, hellooo prints!

January 27, 2022
Photo by Ruggable

Pop art fans and neutral-everything stans will find common ground—literally—with Ruggable x Keith Haring’s new collection of washable rugs and doormats.

The collection features 15 plush chenille rugs and nine doormats, all with Haring’s iconic pop art: from abstract dancing figures to repeating patterns to comic book-inspired spreads. Most pieces are as colorful as you’d expect from the late pop artist’s work, but there are a few neutral surprises in the mix, such as a white-on-cream freestyle line drawing rug and a traditional bordered rug with tiny all-over prints. Prices range from $109 to $739 depending on the size of the rug or doormat.

Here are some of our fave pieces from the Ruggable x Keith Haring collab:

1. Keith Haring Holding Heart Doormat, $179

One of the late artist’s most iconic—and at the time when it was unveiled in the 1980s, controversial—pieces, this doormat features two men happily and joyfully in love. It’s a daily reminder that love is love is love.

Photo by Ruggable

2. Keith Haring Block Party Multicolor, $109+

Iconic and instantly recognizable, this multicolored rug features Haring’s dancing abstract figures and animals. The lines depicting movement make the art practically jump off the white chenille rug, and will give any space a much needed dose of color and energy.

Photo by Ruggable

3. Keith Haring Dance Party Doormat, $179

Hype up your guests before they even step through the door with this fun doormat. The dance-party scene is timeless and joyful, and the heavy bristle doormat cover is thick and durable. It’s almost too fun to be stepped on!

Photo by Ruggable

4. Keith Haring Freestyle Pearl, $109+

For something a bit more subdued and neutral, this rug features a freestyle, single-line design that feels like a maze that you’ll actually want to get lost in.

Photo by Ruggable

5. Keith Haring Delancey Soft Black, $109+

From afar, this looks like a traditional bordered rug with coordinating colors. But get up close, and you’ll notice that the pattern features tiny versions of Haring’s abstract figures.

Photo by Ruggable

6. Keith Haring Barking Dog Bright Blue Doormat, $179

Whether you believe in life imitating art or art imitating life, there’s no denying that this barking dog doormat is adorable. It also serves as a heads-up to neighbors and delivery couriers—sorry for the noise, folks!

Photo by Ruggable

Are you more of a pop art fan or a neutral stan? Let us know below!

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