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You Can Eat Martha Stewart's Baked Goods Without Baking a Thing

It’s as close as us regular people will get to dining with the queen.

February  1, 2022
Photo by Goldbelly

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new project for Martha Stewart, who I can only assume never, ever sleeps. Meanwhile I, a 26-year-old, get fussy after anything less than a rock solid eight and a half hours. But this time, it’s not a partnership with Snoop Dogg or a craft store or a CBD-company. Martha Stewart has teamed up with Goldbelly to bring her favorite baked recipes—everything from flaky, buttery French croissants to luxurious kouign amann to sticky-sweet apricot danishes to her Extraordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies—straight to your home.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Goldbelly to bring my favorite baked cookies and pastries to their loyal customers," said Martha Stewart in a statement. "Thoughtfully packaged in my signature Martha blue, these cookies are baked using some of my life-long favorite recipes and they make the perfect gifts for your loved ones or for yourself.”

I like to imagine that Martha is currently standing in her quaint Bedford, New York kitchen, surrounded by her modest collection of copper pots and pans, thinking to herself, hm, what would Kelly like to eat today? and whips up a treat just for me.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what’s happening. Instead of Martha personally dropping off a batch of her famous kitchen sink cookies, I’ll have to order them myself for delivery via Goldbelly. Although Martha isn’t baking dozens of cookies for hungry customers, Goldbelly is recreating her most beloved recipes. Half a dozen to one dozen treats range in price from $59 to $99; customers can order an assortment of baked cookies and pastries including Extraordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies, assorted croissants, white chocolate pecan cookies, Alexis’s Cookies (named after Martha’s only daughter), and assorted danishes. They’re pretty pricey, but you’ll get free shipping with every order. Check out the full collection of sweets here.

The partnership was announced just weeks after Ina Garten, a fellow East Hampton resident (because of course Martha has a house there too), started selling her favorite cakes, cookies, and more on the nationwide delivery service. However, this may not come as the sweetest news for some. Martha recently threw shade towards Ina after the Food Network star shared her formula for surviving the pandemic, which included lots of large Cosmos and late-night television and needless to say, Martha did not approve.

Would you order any of Martha Stewart’s baked goods from Goldbelly? Let us know in the comments below!

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