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Where To Shop for Affordable Rugs, According to 13 Pros

Because good looks don't need to cost a fortune.

February 11, 2022
Photo by Rocky Luten

We can debate for hours about whether a rug is an accessory to great furniture and design, or as the bona fide statement maker in a room. But two things we can all agree on? You don’t need to spend a ton on a great area rug and shopping online is infinitely easier—no one likes lugging a rolled-up rug around.

Ahead, 13 of our favorite designers and experts chat about where they shop online for affordable rugs from washable styles to vintage finds. Fair warning: some of them will truly surprise you.

1. Rugs USA

Four of the experts we spoke to cited Rugs USA as their all-time fave. And by substantial, we’re talking about thousands of styles for the living room, hallway, and beyond at a ton of various prices—just make sure to use the search filters to narrow down what you’re looking for. “There is so much variety with its designs, and the prices are pretty affordable," says DIY and lifestyle expert Dalia. "I’m indecisive, so the generous return policy also helps."

It’s also a place where quality and quantity are held in equal regard, according to Erika Ver, a digital creator on Instagram and TikTok. “I haven’t yet encountered a rug that was below my quality standards, and it ships super quickly as well,” she says. “It has a line of affordable washable rugs now, too, which is super helpful for my house of cats and a messy husband!”

Sheila McAdoo of The Radiant Abode appreciates how the mockup feature helps you visualize a rug in your space before making a purchase, while Airbnb host and home Instagrammer Abby Crawford likes how the site's photos frequently show rugs in different rooms, which also comes in handy when thinking about how everything comes together.

Photo by Rugs USA


To no one’s surprise, IKEA offers more than just furniture with tons of kitchenware, artwork, and yes, even rugs. DIY Instagrammer and TikToker Jessie Ruane has noticed major improvements in its rug selection over the years. “I feel like IKEA rugs in the past have always been a little underwhelming; just a solid color shag, or a vibrant pattern that’s too loud for the average decorator,” Ruane says. “Recently, however, the rug selection seems more diverse in style, color, and texture than ever before. They seem to be keeping up with the trends more? Or maybe I’m projecting! But I have been keeping my eye on a few recently, which I haven’t done in years.”

DIY Instagrammer Momina Zahid is also a proponent of rug shopping at IKEA. “I love the idea of seeing and feeling a rug before purchasing it, and so a trip to IKEA, even if that means strolling down all the other aisles, is time well spent,” she explains. “IKEA carries a diverse style of rugs from geometric to vintage style ones. I personally enjoy its jute rugs, which are affordable, easy to maintain, and a must-have [when] layering rugs.

Photo by IKEA

3. Loloi

Loloi’s vintage-inspired designs rugs are available at a wide range of online stores like Wayfair, Walmart, and Amazon. “I always feel confident in Loloi’s rugs,” says interior designer and artist Colby Kern. “It has collections that meet every price point, which I really appreciate. Plus, its line is pretty diverse with partnerships, [it’s worked with] Rifle Paper Co., Justina Blakeney, Amber Lewis, and others.”

Photo by Wayfair

4. Revival Rugs

Vintage enthusiasts will enjoy browsing Revival Rugs, which offers one-of-a-kind pieces going back at least 30 years, though there’s a smattering of new pieces mixed in, too. “Revival has true vintage rugs that are otherwise difficult to find elsewhere,” says Valerie Darden, founder and principal designer of Brexton Cole Interiors. “The pricing is fair for the great quality. I have not seen a rug at Revival that I don’t like!”

Photo by Revival Rugs

5. Target

Who says you can’t add a rug to your shopping cart while making your usual Target run for shampoo and frozen pizza? “Target, as cliché as it might be as a go-to shopping resource, has really surprised me lately—especially when it comes to its rugs,” says artist Elle Yount. While Yount was at first hesitant that the store would only offer pieces she had already seen in her neighbors’ homes, she ended up being confronted with a large number of options, particularly when she took her rug search online. “I’m being serious when I say that Target has upped its game. Because it carries amazing designers, [stays] on top of the latest looks and trends, and offers great quality, Target is, once again, stacked up on top as my go-to.”

Photo by Target

6. Annie Selke

Annie Selke rugs lean classic, traditional, and cheerful, and are a popular pick for interior designers such as Michelle Tremont. “Annie Selke is my go-to for quality rugs at a great price point—[particularly] the flat weaves in wool, cotton, or a natural fiber,” she says. Tremont’s biggest tip for getting rugs to look and feel just-so: “I always add a thick pad underneath so it feels more luxurious and comfortable.”

Photo by Annie Selke

7. Ruggable

Ruggable is known for machine-washable, stain-resistant, and waterproof rugs, which majorly appealed to home and DIY Instagrammer Sandy Jandu. “With pets and a six-year-old girl running amuck in my home 24/7, my favorite place to shop for rugs is Ruggable,” she says. “Being able to toss a rug into the wash is a lifesaver, and means my rugs can last longer! And being able to [choose between different] rug pads means which kind of plushness I want underfoot.”

Photo by Ruggable

8. Etsy

Etsy offers more than just handmade goods and artwork—you can also shop for furniture, lighting, rugs, and more, all while supporting a wide variety of independent sellers. The latter is a huge plus for home Instagrammer Nedra Davis. “I purchased several vintage mini rugs for my home, and I get compliments all the time,” says Davis. “I love that the rugs were affordable (less than $100 each) and I would not have found them in your average big-box store. You absolutely can’t beat having unique one-of-a-kind rugs in your home at an attainable price while also supporting small businesses.”

Photo by Etsy

9. Amazon

On the other side of the spectrum, Amazon makes the cut thanks to its huge variety of rugs, fast shipping, and generous return policy. Home and DIY Instagrammer Van Tuyet also finds it useful for monitoring price fluctuations. “I add rugs to my Amazon cart and monitor the price through alerts,” she says. “The return process is also simple, which is important to me, because colors may appear different in real life than on screen. I've purchased from other retailers in the past that don't cover return shipping.”

Photo by Amazon

Do you have a favorite store for affordable rugs? Let us know in the comments!

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