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6 Best Wine Openers to Use on Your Next Bottle

Say goodbye to broken corks.

May  6, 2022
Photo by Rocky Luten

In Cheaper By the Dozen 2 (the biggest Oscar snub of 2005), there’s a scene in which Tom Baker, played by Steve Martin, is in the middle of an intense game of tennis against Jimmy Murtaugh, played by Eugene Levy. Tom, the fun-loving dad to the titular dozen, loses the game miserably and blames his defeat on his worn-down tennis shoes, which were covered with duct tape after a mouse chewed them apart. Jimmy responds: “A poor workman blames his tools, Tom.”

I think of that scene every time I attempt to use a waiter’s corkscrew to open a bottle of wine. I insist that it’s the cheap, unfussy corkscrew that’s to blame for my broken corks and near-shattered bottles when in fact, it’s just me. The best sommeliers in the world use the pocket-sized wine opener with the ease and grace of an Olympic figure skater while I sweat profusely and hope no one at my dinner parties (ah, the good ole days) is watching.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that maybe I am not a great workman…but I also deserve good tools. To remedy this reality, I found the best wine openers—from double-hinged style corkscrews to electric wine openers—for any bottle of vino.

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1. Food52 Shop Pick: Peugeot Baltaz Lever Corkscrew, $100

Leave it to the classic French brand Peugeot to totally elevate the way we open a bottle of wine. This ergonomic wine opener can be used one-handed, thanks to its trigger handle and snug grip.

Photo by Amazon

2. Under $15: Houdini Winged Corkscrew, $14.99

When I moved into my first apartment, I was overwhelmed with expenses (yes, a navy blue velvet couch that was deeply uncomfortable, but also absolutely necessary). In one of my many rushed trips to Target for household essentials, I threw this wine bottle opener into my shopping cart on a whim and thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until I was crying over furniture assembly and poured myself a glass of wine that I realized just how great this opener was. The corkscrew was sturdy, pulled the cork out with ease, and felt way more expensive than $15. Three years later and it hasn’t aged a day, unlike a bottle of California red sitting on my bar cart.

Photo by Rocky Luten

3. The Most Stylish: French Wood Electric Corkscrew, $115

Wine openers need to be ergonomic, easy to use, and practical. But once you check those boxes, it’s okay to care a little bit about how it looks, too. Thankfully, this electric wine opener is the perfect blend of form and function. It charges via USB and a full charge lets you open about 50 bottles. Did someone say happy hour?

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4. Amazon’s Bestseller: Secura Electric Wine Opener

Nearly 30,000 shoppers call this the best wine opener money can buy—and we love that it rings in under $30. You can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge using this rechargeable electric wine bottle opener. To use, place the opener (which kind of looks like it belongs in some 1990s sci-fi movie) on top of your bottle, press a button, and the opener gets to work, removing the cork in just a few seconds. Users also say the brand’s customer service is top-notch, offering to replace broken openers (which are far and few between) free of charge.

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5. Wine Opener & Foil Cutter Duo: Rabbit Wine Corkscrew with Foil Cutter, $50

Market editor Jada Wong won this during a White Elephant party and was so glad she didn’t swap it for someone else’s gift. "The chances of me opening a bottle of wine correctly before using this corkscrew was 50-50—I’d either get it on the first try, or I’d have to shove a broken cork into the bottle. This Rabbit corkscrew is ergonomically designed and has a soft texture that doesn’t hurt my hands. As far as wine openers go, it’s a little on the expensive side but at least it’ll save you the embarrassment of skimming out cork bits from your glass.”

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6. Wine Opener & Preservation System: Coravin Pivot & Wine Preservation System, $89 $129

I love the original Coravin model, but I don’t love how expensive it is, nor how onerous it is to replace the gas cartridges. The latest launch from the company behind the revolutionary wine preservation system is a third of the cost and just as effective at preserving corked bottles of wine for up to four weeks. To use the Pivot system, open your bottle of wine using a regular corkscrew, then immediately place a Pivot wine stopper in the bottle. Insert the Pivot device through the stopper and then tip the spout over the glass to pour your preferred white, rosé, or red.

What’s the best wine opener you’ve ever used? Let us know in the comments below!

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