This New Strawberry Is Yellow & Tastes Like Pineapples

The new Instagram-worthy Driscoll's berry is an early contender for the fruit obsession of the summer.

May 24, 2022
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Last year, as early summer fruits rolled out in grocery stores, aesthetic-minded shoppers got excited about the new rosé strawberries, a beautiful pink ombre version of the classic bright red fruit. This year, the same berry producer is bringing those back, along with a new variety, called the Tropical Bliss strawberry.

The Tropical Bliss berry is light yellow, with a tropical punch flavor, according to Driscoll’s, the company that developed and produces them. Eaters will taste pineapple and passionfruit notes, they claim, and that the berries are “intensely sweet at first, balanced by a refreshing finish.” But if last year’s rosé berry trend is any indication, what people love most about these berries is how good they look on camera – though the yellow Tropical Bliss are less instantly eye catching, they do offer another option for making rainbow-hued fruit boards (for the camera or to impress your friends).

Photo by Driscolls

Along with a third berry, a classic red colored one the company branded as Sweetest Batch, these strawberries make up their trio of “premium, high-flavor” strawberries. Each one is developed using traditional breeding methods, meaning that over the years they have selected, crossed, and planted seeds for the features of these new varieties – color and flavor.

Fruits of fun colors has been a big market in recent years, including natural varieties like dragonfruit, with its pink outside and speckled inside, and ones developed specifically for the visually-driven consumer, like the Pinkglow pineapple and Driscoll’s rosé strawberries.

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Naomi Tomky

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david E. June 2, 2022
Wow... Why ever change a perfect red strawberry for a pale imitation? And by the way, I second the previous comment on Driscoll strawberries. I try to avoid them whenever I can. One large company has taken over production and distribution (Murray's cheese has rebranded all cheese at Kroger, Dole is making inroads in frozen fruit and Ocean spray managed to overtake most cranberry producers.) The Driscolls must be a hybrid bred for color and size and the taste be damned- I'm looking at YOU tomatoes!) This is a very poor product and compares unfavorably to other California strawberries available at my smaller grocers. Beware if you don't want tasteless white centered strawberries. Food 52- why so silent on this? I thought you were about fine cooking, no?
Smaug June 2, 2022
Food 52's new(ish) owners have made it pretty clear that they're all about retail sales.
Smaug May 25, 2022
I've never had a ripe strawberry from Driscoll's.