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Choco Tacos Have Been Discontinued & My Summers Will Never Be The Same

Klondike announced yesterday that they would be discontinuing the iconic frozen chocolate treat after more than 40 years.

July 26, 2022
Photo by Klondike

The worldwide heat wave has made the last few weeks of summer painful enough (my frizzy hair and always-glistening forehead are proof of that), but someway, somehow, Klondike just made things so much worse. The producer of some of our favorite frozen treats—like its namesake chocolate-covered vanilla bar and Nuts for Vanilla Cones—announced yesterday that it would no longer be producing our ultimate summer savior, the Choco Taco. Gone are the days of dangerously dashing from the Slip ‘N’ Slide in your backyard to the ice cream truck parked in front of your house, as you scream bloody murder so that your parents will spare a few bucks. Gone are the days of reveling in that sweet relief that you’d get in that first bite of crunchy chocolate-drenched waffle cone taco shell and vanilla ice cream. Your dream of having a taco party including dessert tacos? Dead.

Their reasoning? Growing demand for all other Klondike products over the last two years, says the brand. The choco taco was introduced in the 1980s by one sweet, savvy man—Alan Drazen. According to NPR, which covered the Choco Taco in-depth in 2016, Drazen, a Good Humor truck driver, was brainstorming new products for Jack & Jill Ice Cream when inspiration struck on the streets. He observed the popularity of Mexican street food carts, as well as the never-ceasing demand for a cool scoop, and envisioned a hybrid dessert that would go on to bring good humor to kids and kids at heart for the next four decades.

While it feels like there’s nothing left to do but dig a sandy moat on the beach and flood it with my tears, hope is not lost (yet). “We know Choco Taco is a huge fan favorite and a top seller for our out-of-home business, so this is particularly painful,” the brand wrote on Twitter. “We’re working hard to find a way to bring Choco Taco back to ice cream trucks in the coming years.”

I’ll believe it when I see (err rather, taste) it. In the meantime, I’ll just make my own.

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