Your Best Pancakes Video

November 26, 2009

Watch A&M's pajama pancake party (try saying that three times before coffee) to learn some pancake tricks -- and even catch a glimpse of Amanda's kids!



edgarg December 11, 2011
what about the recipe? the guides of ingredients?
Miranda R. February 8, 2012
Here is the winning recipe :

you can find both recipes simply by searching in the recipe tab. Hope this is helpful!
Rhonda35 November 27, 2009
I loved the way you two promised the children a pancake pajama party and then kept the pancakes all to yourselves!! :-) Pancakes looked great - this was a really fun video - loved the pjs and the line "Now the caffeine's talking!" Helen's comment bars were hysterical and Merrill had the cutest pjs. Addie and Walker are just so cute - I can't wait till I can give them each a big squeeze.