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6 Space-Saving Tricks for Your Small Bathroom

Simple ideas for a famously tricky space.

March  7, 2023
Photo by Rocky Luten

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A small bathroom is an unavoidable inconvenience for most of us. If you’ve lived in a big city, stayed in an old house, or shared a bathroom with multiple roommates, you know that small rooms can feel even smaller when the space isn’t used efficiently.

I’ve found the key to saving space in a small bathroom is maximizing the awkward areas and adding creative storage that doesn’t take up extra room. This can sometimes feel like an impossible task, so here are a few simple hacks—and many useful products—to consider as you get things sorted.

1. Establish Your True Bathroom Essentials

Whether you’re just getting started on your space-saving journey or you’re searching for mid-project advice, it’s never too late to ask yourself which products you actually need to store in your bathroom. Can you keep your backup towels and hand soap refills in your kitchen instead? Do you really need to get ready in the bathroom, or can you store your makeup bag in your room? Separating the “must-haves” from the “nice-to-haves” will help you cut the clutter and find the most practical use for your limited space.

2. Explore All Towel Drying Options

Once you’ve decided on your necessary bathroom items, you can start evaluating storage solutions. Towels are a must in any bathroom, but they can be bulky and difficult to accommodate in a tiny space. If you’re reluctant to use wall hardware, a simple towel ladder can be a renter-friendly solution with a clean look and reliable function. However, if you’re looking to conserve floor space, hanging a few wall hooks or one well-placed towel rod can free up other areas of the bathroom for more utility.

Photo by Rocky Luten
Photo by Ty Mecham

3. Don’t Shy Away From Shelving

For bathrooms with a lot of open wall space, shelves are the customizable solution that can make or break your storage capacity and offer some decorative flair. To keep costs low, you can add a standard over-the-toilet shelf to maximize that vertical area without installations. For a more personalized option, add floating shelves that are measured to fit your space. Don’t forget that you can also apply this hack to the inside of the shower by installing an adhesive shelf to the shower wall or hanging a caddy over your shower head.

4. Get Creative with the Space on the Back of the Door

The space behind the door is underutilized and often overlooked. If you’re blessed with built-ins, you can use the back of the door for towel hooks or hanging robes. However, if you need to accommodate extra products, opt for an over-the-door hanging cabinet or organizer.

5. Find the Storage Cabinet That’s Right For You

Product storage can be the most difficult part of saving space in a small bathroom. If you can commit to a heavier add-on, installing a floating storage shelf can add significant storage volume without taking up floor space. However, renters or anyone seeking a lower commitment solution can opt for a narrow rolling cart (or a shorter and wider one, if it fits your space better) or a freestanding cabinet for the trickiest areas.

6. Use Storage Bins Where You Can

The messier a space is, the smaller it feels, so the last thing you want in your already-small bathroom is visible clutter. Whether you store products under your sink, in a cabinet, or on an open shelf, using the right storage baskets will keep your things organized while helping you make the best of your limited areas.

Now that you've got some tips and tricks, you're ready to refresh your space just in time for spring.

What kind of spring-cleaning and organization are you planning? Let us know below!
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